Revamping the Plan

I successfully completed my first week of training with my run/walk program and began the second week with an increase in running.  I went from 30 second running intervals the first week up to 1 minute running intervals the second week starting this past Monday.  Monday’s workout was a killer and extremely difficult, but I expected that with the increased running time.  But I still am not sure how I managed to complete that workout.  I was gasping for air, my legs were aching, and I was a bit wobbly on the treadmill.  But I slowed my breathing, drank more water and hung on to the grips on the treadmill.  And I sure was proud of myself for lasting through that 40 minute workout.

40 minute workout and I only ran 7 minutes of that, but it was the most I had done in one workout to date.  So I drank more water and walked up and down the sidewalk outside of the gym to keep my legs from cramping.  I ordered chicken and some rice from Fortune House in the same plaza and kept walking while they prepared it for me.  Nice healthy meal to bring home with me after my vigorous exercise.

I iced my legs, mostly the bottom of my quads and knees.  Stretched my calves and ankles along with hamstrings and quads and then soaked in a warm bath.  The following day was a Walk Day which I completed and felt every step of it as I worked out the rest of the kinks.  I felt better Wednesday and headed to the gym for my next run and that is when the issues came up.

I started out just fine and made the first several one minute runs but then I started cramping in the quads and feeling pain and a burning sensation in the front of my foot where it attaches to my leg and along the sides of my feet.  So instead of possibly causing more injury, I decided to run just 30 second intervals and when that didn’t ease anything, then just finished the workout by walking the remainder.  Sort of felt like a failure but then I shook myself and changed my mind.

The old me would have quit, put my legs up and complained about my injuries and how they have hindered my exercising.  The new me decided to slow down and concentrate on still moving to burn calories while trying to prevent further damage.  I am trying and that is the best I can do at this point.

New running shoes may be the simple answer to my pain, or it may be that I am so out of shape that I just have to just slow down.  The new shoes are coming, just like Christmas, so if I have to walk the rest of this week I will do so.

But I am heading to the gym in a few minutes and have decided to go back to running 30 second intervals to keep the heart rate up.  If it proves too hard, then it is back to walking.

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