Enjoying the New Walking Schedule

I have truly been enjoying getting out on the Bike Path each morning this week right after I drop my son off at school.  I am hoping that once I get into the routine, I will stick with it when he is out of school next week.

The view from the bridge of the Blackstone River between Cumberland and Lincoln RI.

The view from the bridge looking out over the Blackstone River toward Lincoln, Rhode Island

The same people are now becoming familiar as I pass them each morning.  Walking at the same time seems to be a very common thing for these folks, and now me too.  We either greet each other with a soft hello, good morning, or occasionally a slight nod or wave for someone running or biking.

The weather here in Rhode Island has turned nasty the past two days with temperatures in the upper 90’s and brutal humidity.  Walking at 8:00 am definitely has its advantages, with the worst of the heat and humidity an hour or two behind me.  I completed 3 miles on the path yesterday and just 2 today since the heat was already worse.

Does it sound strange to say I am proud of my sweat marks?  I almost keep an eye on myself and go a little faster if I’m not sweating enough to make a distinctive wet stain on my t-shirt, preferably around my neck and on my back.  I’m working out dammit, and I want the proof to show!  Ok, it is weird, but it’s a mark of someone out there trying to get it done.

I ran into an old friend on the path yesterday morning.  Or he ran into me since he was jogging and I was walking.  We used to work together and trained for an advanced position at the same time.  We reminisced for a bit and he revealed to me that he is planning on moving to Hawaii before the end of the summer with his soon-to-be fiancee.  Except that he hasn’t asked her yet, and not even told his parents.  I am the very first person to know he plans on asking her to marry him, and that’s so cool!  I won’t say anything since I don’t even know her name, but it made me smile to think of their future plans and getting to spend time together in Hawaii.  Best of luck to both of them and I hope she says yes!

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