Weekly Weight Update

Or perhaps this week I will call it a downdate.  Because the scale finally moved in the correct direction.  Not by much, but in the right direction.

The weight this week is 228.0.  So I am down 1.2 from last week but still up a few pounds overall.  But the mind is working on this positive reinforcement and will focus on edging that number down even more next week.

On a disappointing note, I had posted a weekly walking goal of 10 miles and managed to squeak out a bit more than 8.5 miles.  I could use the excuse that it was very hot and humid here in Rhode Island, which it was, but I should have gotten up earlier or walked my neighborhood at night when it was cooler.  No more excuses.

This week’s goal will once again be 10 miles total, and thinking of pumping more air into the bike and taking her out for a whirl.  Let’s see how that goes!

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