Day 9 and the End of Vacation

I was just thinking people may wonder why I am writing about my vacation in a blog that is supposed to cover my weight loss.  My point is this: the weight loss is a specified time thing, but living healthy and enjoying your family lasts a lifetime.  The vacation was important to me to just relax and kick back and is an integral part of my lifelong goal of living healthfully.

Day 9 was a lazy day yet again and we actually decided to pack up a day early.  There were predicted thunderstorms beginning early Friday morning, and anyone who has ever camped knows there is nothing worse than packing up in the rain.  Yuck!

Packing up the Buggy

Packing up the Buggy

So we were home by late afternoon and just plopped down on the couch too pooped to even unload much.  Plus, the weather and humidity have been brutal.

The expected storms did pass through South County and the weatherman even interrupted Judge Judy to say that potential lightning and tornado watches were in effect for South County.  Not a pleasant day at all.  But we did manage to get the laundry done!  I never knew I owned that many towels and blankets…Everything got washed, but thank goodness my daughter is a fantastic folder.  And she enjoys it!

Most of my beautifully folded laundry.

Most of my beautifully folded laundry.

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