90 Day Challenge Begins Now!

There are 90 days left in this year we call 2012.  And I need to make it count.  Hate waiting to the last minute, but I’ve always worked well under pressure.

My ankle is improving quickly and I can now “walk” on it using the boot on the injured foot and the crutches.  Still not a true definition of walking, yet I keep trying to go a little further or straighten my leg out a little bit more each day.  Having problems more with the muscles and tendons protesting being stretched after being on vacation for so long.  The actual ankle is no longer the problem.

My Total Gym

My Total Gym

I decided to finally do something about it instead of talking about it.  Actions speak louder than words, so the Total Gym has come out of retirement in the basement and now resides in my living room.  A rather empty living room since we were planning on renovating about the time of my accident, and all that space is now home to the home gym.

Assorted Handweights

Assorted Handweights

Only did a few stretches last night without the boot on.  Tried getting the right leg to flatten completely against the foot rest, but I’m not there yet.  Trying again tonight.

I have also begun the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge to help with the weight loss side.  Check out my link here for more info and I will be posting weekly updates as I progress in the Challenge.  I was thinking of doing a short video a few times per week.  Is this something anyone would watch?  Was thinking a normal person with weight to lose, no time to spare, and a life to run may somehow connect with all those other normal folks out there.  Still thinking about it since I am a bit camera-shy, yet maybe sharing with others will make it easier for me to stick to it.

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