Body By Vi Challenge

I finally received my Body By Vi Promoter kit and started with my twice daily shakes.  This is so perfect for me because food prep is still difficult for me while moving about on crutches.  Have you ever tried cooking a meal or chopping up fruit or veggies while standing upright hanging onto the crutches?  Not easy at all.

ViSalus Sweet Cream Shake Mix

ViSalus Sweet Cream Shake Mix

Replacing a meal or two per day with a shake is easy for me.  I still haven’t gotten a complete appetite back yet, so at least I’m getting great nutrition in a yummy shake.  Today I made Strawberry by adding 5 frozen organic strawberries to the Sweet Cream Vi-Shape mix, and then for lunch I made Choco-Peanut Butter with 2 tablespoons each of Ghiradelli cocoa powder and peanut butter along with 2 ice cubes.

My current Body By Vi 90 Day Challengeis to lose 30 pounds.  If I can lose more, then power to me!  But I wanted to set a realistic goal that I could easily reach.  I decided to go with the Promoter status.  This way when people start noticing how excellent I look and feel, and ask me what I’m doing, then I can earn some money if they decide to join the 90 Day Challenge to feel better themselves.

My Challenge and Success Magazines

My Challenge and Success Magazines

I may have to already order extra shake mix since both kids loved the chocolate one I whipped up for them this morning.  And even my daughter, who never eats breakfast, enjoyed her shake on the way to work.  Yeah!

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