Saturday at the Farmers Market

I took both of my children with me this morning to the Farmer’s Market in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  This Winter Market runs until 1:00 pm and we eventually got ourselves motivated enough to get there around 11:30 am.  We are not morning people.  Thank goodness it runs a bit later.

Farmer's Market Haul

Farmer’s Market Haul

It wasn’t as crowded today and I was able to walk more easily and check out some of the goodies on display.  I ended up with collard greens, turnip, sweet potatoes, garlic, pea greens, and some mixed salad greens.

My son was happy with his crepe filled with egg, spinach and cheddar cheese from the ladies at The Creperie who are usually there creating some delicious treats.  I also scored some falafel and yogurt dip which were quite tasty too.

I would have taken a picture of the crepe too, but he ate it too quickly!

Going again next week for more fresh greens and to see what else is available.


Shopping for New Jeans

My birthday was last weekend and my mother decided to take me shopping for some new jeans.  I only own 2 pairs, one a size 20 and the other is an 18.  My favorite pair were also a size 20 which were sliced off me when I fell and broke my ankle.  I have been around the same size for way too long and am working on changing that.  The 20’s are a bit too loose, so I am looking for new size 18’s.

My Jeans

My Jeans

Macy’s is Mom’s favorite shopping haunt, especially with gift cards and loyalty cards in hand.  As we passed by the Bare Minerals, she suggested, “You always mention how you wanted to try this, so why don’t you have the girl do your face?”  Fifteen minutes later I walked away with a new skin starter kit and may go back for eye shadow and lip gloss.

Then off to the jeans.  And 3 pairs later I walked away carrying just the skin set because nothing fit right.  And the dressing room was a million degrees in there.  I don’t really like trying clothes on anyway, but add in a steamy room and I’m out of there.  We left Macy’s with the Bare Minerals and I still need to find some jeans.  Soon!

My Son is Moving Out

Yesterday was one of the most difficult days of my life, and I have had a few.  My son, who is 12, had expressed an interest in living with his father and the court granted his father’s request for a change in placement of him.

Alex - Summer 2012

Alex – Summer 2012

This is a man who originally refused to sign his birth certificate, never helped with any child-rearing duties, such as taking him to the doctor or sitting with him in the hospital when he suffered respiratory problems as a toddler.  He has no clue about the intensity of the school work my son had been doing in his charter school.  He just wants to be out of paying child support and thinks this is the best for my son by moving him 20 miles away and changing his school mid-year.

My son is a very young 12 year old and I truly believe he doesn’t realize the impact his decision has made.  He may think the grass is greener at Dad’s playhouse, but we will all be here for him if/when that grass dies out and he wants to come home.

I know this isn’t about exercise or nutrition, but I plan on using the time as a catalyst to propel me to the next level with my health and my business prospects.  I will not need to worry about the day-to-day care of a 12 year old and will only see him every other weekend and on Wednesday evenings.  I need a focus to keep me sane, and to help me keep the rest of my close family from committing a crime against my son’s father.

Here’s to channelling my energy and frustration at the Rhode Island old boy court network and to improved health and wealth.

And for anyone interested in the 90 Day Challenge, please check it out.  It’s helping me and can help you too.

Walked My Dog Tonight

Jasper Out for an Evening Stroll

Jasper Out for an Evening Stroll

I did something so simple and mundane tonight, yet I am so excited.  I walked my dog.  Just around the corner so he could do his business, but it was the first walk since the Great Driveway Skid that gave me a broken ankle x3 and 2 months out of my life.  It really sucks being laid up, literally, and I just want to move!

This entire walk was about 1/8 mile.  Nothing to really brag about and rather slow going with the boot on my right foot and my sneaker on the left.  My daughter also tagged along carrying my crutches, just in case… We must have looked like a motley crew, especially when my son also caught up to us while sipping his hot chocolate.  The dog was probably wondering what the big fuss was about.  He just needed to go.

I’m feeling the after effects of the walk right now with a slightly achy foot.  Ok, it hurts when I put pressure on it, but hoping a good nights sleep will make it better because I plan on doing it again tomorrow.  Maybe in the afternoon.

Here’s to Hope

I haven’t posted in quite some time.  It’s rather a bad trait of mine – procrastination.  I think I have nothing to say, so I’ll just wait another day, or maybe a few days.  And before you realize, weeks have passed.  Weeks where I have been just treading water trying to feel better and stronger and not having much success.

My second cast was removed at the one month mark and the resident doctor told me to still stay off the ankle, but to try small movements as I could manage.  He reminded me that the more mobility I could get in the muscles before physical therapy started, the better off it would be for me.  And lessen the pain.

I have been trying and was successful.  But the past week has been very difficult for me with continual pain and aching on both sides of the ankle.  Sleep has been sporadic at best and that does not make for a happy woman.  I absolutely hate relying on medications to get to sleep.  Something so natural and necessary should be easy when you’re tired, right?  Tell that to my crazy mind and leg that throbs incessantly and robs me of a solid good night’s sleep.  So I have had to use medicine to sleep and relieve some pain.

In the meantime, one of my favorite uncles has been fighting so strongly in his battle with cancer, and his fight is just about over.  He is currently in hospice and it is a matter of days before he passes to a better place with less pain for him.  Almost makes me feel accepting of my pain because at least it means I am alive and can experience it, while he is passing and will miss so much.

Today by his bedside I whispered to him.  I needed to be very quiet for some reason even though he never woke up, I think he knew I was there.  I told him I was so sorry he had suffered for nearly a year, but that he would be at peace soon.  I also whispered that he had been so strong, and some of that strength had to flow in my veins somewhere since we were related.  And I would find it and use it to get healthy myself so I could help my aunt once he was gone.

When my aunt came back into the room she brought me to see a jewelry display that the hospice offered with a percentage of proceeds being donated to the hospice for their programs.  I fell in love with a brass necklace with a small anchor pendant and had to have it.

The anchor is the symbol of the state of Rhode Island, our home state, and something I had actually been looking for during summer vacation.  On our state flag it says HOPE on a banner beneath the anchor. I had to have it and my aunt purchased it for me and whispered, “It’s from your uncle.  He’d want you to have it.” So I proudly put it on and have continually been reminded of him any time I touch it.

The hope is for me to believe in myself and get myself healthy and to a better place, both physically and mentally.  Uncle David said I could do it, and I will prove him right.

(My uncle passed away peacefully in his sleep Saturday morning, 9/22/12, just one day after I originally wrote this post.  We will miss you.)

Day 9 and the End of Vacation

I was just thinking people may wonder why I am writing about my vacation in a blog that is supposed to cover my weight loss.  My point is this: the weight loss is a specified time thing, but living healthy and enjoying your family lasts a lifetime.  The vacation was important to me to just relax and kick back and is an integral part of my lifelong goal of living healthfully.

Day 9 was a lazy day yet again and we actually decided to pack up a day early.  There were predicted thunderstorms beginning early Friday morning, and anyone who has ever camped knows there is nothing worse than packing up in the rain.  Yuck!

Packing up the Buggy

Packing up the Buggy

So we were home by late afternoon and just plopped down on the couch too pooped to even unload much.  Plus, the weather and humidity have been brutal.

The expected storms did pass through South County and the weatherman even interrupted Judge Judy to say that potential lightning and tornado watches were in effect for South County.  Not a pleasant day at all.  But we did manage to get the laundry done!  I never knew I owned that many towels and blankets…Everything got washed, but thank goodness my daughter is a fantastic folder.  And she enjoys it!

Most of my beautifully folded laundry.

Most of my beautifully folded laundry.

Day 8 – Block Island

This was the day we were waiting for.  We got to “sail away on the Block Island Ferry, take a trip back to carefree times…” Might be a bit more carefree if it didn’t cost so darn much.  But that quote is actually the jingle used in the advertisements for the ferry, and features a Caribbean type steel drum in the background.  There are definitely not too many Caribbeans out on Block Island, but the tune is still catchy and we sang it all week.

Waiting to Back Onto the Ferry

Waiting to Back Onto the Ferry (our car is the white one in the front with the shamrock)

The sun and the gods and goddesses were all shining on us today because we managed to be the first car in line for standby on a completely packed ferry at 10:30am.  And it was not fun backing my daughter’s car onto the ferry.  I started freaking out because I am not used to her car as much as my own, and a nice red-headed guy jumped in to take over for me.  Thanks!  Didn’t want to back right through the side of the ferry.

The Port of Galilee, RI

The Port of Galilee, Rhode Island, where the Block Island Ferry departs from.

The 55 minute cruise over is beautiful with the Rhode Island shoreline in view part of the way and then the Block Island dunes visible in the distance.  The island is just 12 miles off shore, but it feels like a world away.  Right before we docked the kids and I headed down to the car and mercifully drove forward off the ferry onto the island.

Salty Brine Beach as seen from the Ferry

Salty Brine Beach as seen from the Ferry

I have been to Block Island several times, but this was the second visit for my daughter Tally and the first time for Alex.  Even though I have been a few times, I desperately wanted to see more of the island than just the Old Harbor where the ferry dumps you out.  Finally with the car, and my daughter as my mapping copilot, we set off out of the busy commercial Old Harbor to explore the smallest town in Rhode Island.

The Rolling Green Hills of Block Island

The Rolling Green Hills of Block Island

We drove down the winding roads, constantly dodging folks on bicycles and mopeds, the rental of choice for most people since they are cheaper.  There is no darn sidewalk or even any room on the side of the road for the bikers and some of these looked like they hadn’t been on a bike in a very long time.  But we managed to drive out to the North Light on one end of the island, which actually is a dead end road.  So back around to find the Southeast Lighthouse.

The Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island, Rhode Island

The Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island, Rhode Island

Did I mention that the better cartographer was my 12 year old son sitting in the back

The Wedding of Sarah and David

The Wedding of Sarah and David

seat taking in all the sights?  We made a few wrong turns, looped back a few more times, but eventually made it to the Lighthouse.  This lighthouse was actually moved 80 feet back from the edge of the cliffs in 1993 to prevent it from toppling into the Atlantic Ocean.  I finally got to experience it.  And while sitting on the porch trying to grasp the slight breeze rolling across the lawn, we actually watched a wedding!  Right in front of us with the Justice of the Peace.  That was a different activity to enjoy on Block Island.

Headed back into Old Harbor for fish & chip lunches for all at the Mohegan Brewery.  They may be famous for their brews, but we stuck with the water.  Lunch was delicious and quite a bargain for just $12.95.  You have to expect higher prices for seafood when in a tourist destination, but the portion was large, and none of us actually finished our meal.

Back out into Old Harbor to wander about the shops.  I feel too many of them sell the same thing; t-shirts, sweatshirts, and inexpensive trinkets.  All I bought were postcards of the 2 lighthouses which I will frame and hang in my room.  A quick stop for some gelato and then to wait in line to back onto the ferry again.  And this time was much easier.  Phew!

I had an amazing day with my 2 children.  Their enjoyment and appreciation of the natural beauty of Block Island made me see it with new eyes.  The bustling harbor is fun and quaint with the old buildings, but the natural landscape is priceless.

The Bluffs Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at the Southeast Lighthouse

The Bluffs Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at the Southeast Lighthouse

(P.S. My son wants to move out to Block Island.)

Houses on Block Island

Maybe we can live in one of these houses…