My New 90 Day Challenge

ChaLEAN Extreme

ChaLEAN Extreme

I am ready to restart a new challenge and have a goal of losing 30 pounds in the next 90 days!  There, I said it so now I have to work my butt off for it to come true.

I am now a Beachbody Coach and will be starting my Chalean Extreme program today along with my Brazil Butt Lift.  Working through these programs will allow me to become familiar with them, and of course help me slim down!

Starting my coaching at a bigger size allows me to completely understand the issues new exercisers face, along with all their challenges.  I am willing to do my very best, which may not be every move every time, but I’ll try and that’s all I can ask of myself.

So if you’re interested in beginning an exercise program and would like a personal coach to help cheer you along in your progress, please send me a message or check out my website.

Measurements have been faithfully logged (and thank goodness I’m not looking at them for another month!) and I will weigh in weekly and post on the blog.  Please join me in sweating and eating my way to a healthier me!

Journal Goals for 2013

I am an independent promoter with ViSalus, promoting the 90 Day Challenge, but recently the information I learned may very well change my life.

One of the founders of the company, Nick Sarnicola, created a video with his wife to discuss how to properly go about the process of creating and writing out our goals for 2013.  The link to the video is here.

The first step is to write out the highlights of the year in review.  This was a bit shocking to me to find out how dull my life actually is.  There were a few months that I could barely remember, let alone come up with anything that I considered a highlight.  I vowed to live a more fulfilling and exciting life this year.

Then I had to write down the mistakes, or not-so-good occurrences of 2012.  I had plenty of these and even though it was a bit scary to see them written down in my new journal, if I don’t face my mistakes then how in the world can I learn from them?

Next step was to brainstorm goals without filtering them, and then whittling those down to a manageable amount to focus on for the year.  My main goals are:

1.  substantially increase my income

2.  lose 80 pounds

3.  get and then keep my house clean and organized

4.  control the direction of my life

5.  find out who I really am and what I want from life

6.  complete 5 quilts (this is for my creative side)

Here they are for the whole world to see, and next year I’ll review them and see where I stand with the completion rate.  Only time, and my hard work toward these goals, will tell my success.


I feel bad that I haven’t been updating and posting lately.  Life has gotten in the way, and not in a good way.  I’ve been bogged down with a lot of unimportant issues and have now decided to clean up, organize, and move forward.

The IIN classes are going great, although I am a module behind.  There will be time next week to catch up and get back on track.

My 90 Day Challenge is also progressing, albeit a bit slowly, but I am still losing pounds and inches and feeling better than before.  My depression issues have lifted and even though I am not bursting with energy each day, I definitely feel better.


My Son is Moving Out

Yesterday was one of the most difficult days of my life, and I have had a few.  My son, who is 12, had expressed an interest in living with his father and the court granted his father’s request for a change in placement of him.

Alex - Summer 2012

Alex – Summer 2012

This is a man who originally refused to sign his birth certificate, never helped with any child-rearing duties, such as taking him to the doctor or sitting with him in the hospital when he suffered respiratory problems as a toddler.  He has no clue about the intensity of the school work my son had been doing in his charter school.  He just wants to be out of paying child support and thinks this is the best for my son by moving him 20 miles away and changing his school mid-year.

My son is a very young 12 year old and I truly believe he doesn’t realize the impact his decision has made.  He may think the grass is greener at Dad’s playhouse, but we will all be here for him if/when that grass dies out and he wants to come home.

I know this isn’t about exercise or nutrition, but I plan on using the time as a catalyst to propel me to the next level with my health and my business prospects.  I will not need to worry about the day-to-day care of a 12 year old and will only see him every other weekend and on Wednesday evenings.  I need a focus to keep me sane, and to help me keep the rest of my close family from committing a crime against my son’s father.

Here’s to channelling my energy and frustration at the Rhode Island old boy court network and to improved health and wealth.

And for anyone interested in the 90 Day Challenge, please check it out.  It’s helping me and can help you too.

Weekly Updates

Well, it has been two weeks since I started the Body By Vi Challenge, and I am not sure how much weight I have lost, but I have shrunk by 4 7/8 inches already!  My darn scale has definitely gone off the deep end this time.  My scale shows body fat as well as weight and I was sure it had died when it told me I had gone from 70% body fat to 50% body fat in 2 days.  I know I need to lose some fat but I am sure I haven’t gotten to 70% yet!!!

Once I saw it was freaking out on me I decided to just take measurements.  That was much better.  My losses come in the bust (of course) and then my waist, abdomen and hips have all decreased in just 2 weeks.  Quite pleased indeed with my inches lost and will be buying a new and improved scale tomorrow.  So far so good on my 90 Day Challenge.

I want to increase physical activity but the foot is quite swollen and painful today.  May have overdone it the past few days with walking the dog and moving about on it.  Going to take it easy for the next few days and see if the swelling lets up.

Body By Vi Challenge

I finally received my Body By Vi Promoter kit and started with my twice daily shakes.  This is so perfect for me because food prep is still difficult for me while moving about on crutches.  Have you ever tried cooking a meal or chopping up fruit or veggies while standing upright hanging onto the crutches?  Not easy at all.

ViSalus Sweet Cream Shake Mix

ViSalus Sweet Cream Shake Mix

Replacing a meal or two per day with a shake is easy for me.  I still haven’t gotten a complete appetite back yet, so at least I’m getting great nutrition in a yummy shake.  Today I made Strawberry by adding 5 frozen organic strawberries to the Sweet Cream Vi-Shape mix, and then for lunch I made Choco-Peanut Butter with 2 tablespoons each of Ghiradelli cocoa powder and peanut butter along with 2 ice cubes.

My current Body By Vi 90 Day Challengeis to lose 30 pounds.  If I can lose more, then power to me!  But I wanted to set a realistic goal that I could easily reach.  I decided to go with the Promoter status.  This way when people start noticing how excellent I look and feel, and ask me what I’m doing, then I can earn some money if they decide to join the 90 Day Challenge to feel better themselves.

My Challenge and Success Magazines

My Challenge and Success Magazines

I may have to already order extra shake mix since both kids loved the chocolate one I whipped up for them this morning.  And even my daughter, who never eats breakfast, enjoyed her shake on the way to work.  Yeah!

90 Day Challenge Begins Now!

There are 90 days left in this year we call 2012.  And I need to make it count.  Hate waiting to the last minute, but I’ve always worked well under pressure.

My ankle is improving quickly and I can now “walk” on it using the boot on the injured foot and the crutches.  Still not a true definition of walking, yet I keep trying to go a little further or straighten my leg out a little bit more each day.  Having problems more with the muscles and tendons protesting being stretched after being on vacation for so long.  The actual ankle is no longer the problem.

My Total Gym

My Total Gym

I decided to finally do something about it instead of talking about it.  Actions speak louder than words, so the Total Gym has come out of retirement in the basement and now resides in my living room.  A rather empty living room since we were planning on renovating about the time of my accident, and all that space is now home to the home gym.

Assorted Handweights

Assorted Handweights

Only did a few stretches last night without the boot on.  Tried getting the right leg to flatten completely against the foot rest, but I’m not there yet.  Trying again tonight.

I have also begun the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge to help with the weight loss side.  Check out my link here for more info and I will be posting weekly updates as I progress in the Challenge.  I was thinking of doing a short video a few times per week.  Is this something anyone would watch?  Was thinking a normal person with weight to lose, no time to spare, and a life to run may somehow connect with all those other normal folks out there.  Still thinking about it since I am a bit camera-shy, yet maybe sharing with others will make it easier for me to stick to it.