I Ran Again

I haven’t run in nearly 7 1/2 months and I actually did it yesterday.  And that was a big step for me.

My Adidas Walking Shoes and Comfy Neon Socks

Going to need a new pair of good running shoes.

I had been working on my own version of a walk/run C25K last summer before I broke my ankle in 3 places on August 15th.  It has been a very slow and arduous journey back to walking, and I still have times when the pain and swelling flares up and I limp.

But I started back to the gym about 2 weeks ago, and have been working out at home

ChaLEAN Extreme

ChaLEAN Extreme


using my Beachbody ChaLEAN Extreme program, and just felt ready last night to try a brief run.  And I do mean brief.  I think it lasted about 15 seconds and I did it twice.  I just wanted to celebrate once it was accomplished.  No balloons fell from the ceiling of the gym and I probably looked like a dork with the big grin on my face, but I didn’t care.  I had just run.

Running had been a goal I set for myself to complete before the end of March and I did it.  Fear of the pain, or perhaps falling down, had prevented me from trying sooner.  But now it seems that conquering that fear has lit a new spark in me, and I plan on creating a new C25K program to start April 1.

Studying to be a health coach through IIN has changed me from the inside out, and I’m liking the positive changes.  Hoping there are more to come soon!

Ankle Hurting Again

I am not sure if it’s the cold weather, but my ankle is really bothering me lately.  Very stiff  and taking quite a bit of time to warm up and move, and I feel like I have gone backward in my recovery.

My Painful Swollen Ankle

My Painful Swollen Ankle

It also didn’t help that I decided to take my Beachbody Fit Test and tried the jump and reach.  I didn’t jump too far, probably just an inch more than I can reach stretching my arm to the fullest, but the landing took my breath away.  Not a sharp pain, but a feeling of “What the heck were you thinking???”  My muscles were just not ready for that landing and have been protesting since.

Stretching more has been absolutely necessary and I have to assess other things I do to make sure I don’t reinjure this poor ankle.  I was making such good progress, and then ouch!  But still continuing with my workouts and just walking a bit slower and stretching a bit longer.

Getting Better at Brazil Butt Lift

It has taken me a few sessions, but I am definitely getting better at the moves in the Brazil Butt Lift.  Tonight’s DVD was Bum Bum, Leandro Carvalho’s signature set of moves to shape and firm the booty.  I sure hope it works.

My Brazil Butt Lift

My Brazil Butt Lift

I still have balance issues and don’t have much flexibility in the right ankle, but I do the best I can with each move.  I may not lunge as far since I can’t bend the foot too far, but I sure feel a slight burn when I’m done so something must be working.

Back to the Brazil Butt Lift

Today I joined Leandro in Brazil to work my Brazil Butt Lift once again.  And I have to say I am quite proud of myself for making it through the entire 30 minute video.

I was scared that my ankle wouldn’t hold up to the quick shifting movements or quick steps, but I did much better than I had thought possible.  I modified where needed, and some steps I can’t do yet (like lunges on the right side).  I just did the best I could and marched in place or did extra squats.  More squats than I wanted to for sure!

Tomorrow is Day 2 and to make sure I can have a Day 2, I will be putting my foot up and icing it to reduce any swelling.  Here’s to Rio de Janeiro!  And a better Bum Bum!!!

My Brazil Butt Lift

My Brazil Butt Lift

Walked My Dog Tonight

Jasper Out for an Evening Stroll

Jasper Out for an Evening Stroll

I did something so simple and mundane tonight, yet I am so excited.  I walked my dog.  Just around the corner so he could do his business, but it was the first walk since the Great Driveway Skid that gave me a broken ankle x3 and 2 months out of my life.  It really sucks being laid up, literally, and I just want to move!

This entire walk was about 1/8 mile.  Nothing to really brag about and rather slow going with the boot on my right foot and my sneaker on the left.  My daughter also tagged along carrying my crutches, just in case… We must have looked like a motley crew, especially when my son also caught up to us while sipping his hot chocolate.  The dog was probably wondering what the big fuss was about.  He just needed to go.

I’m feeling the after effects of the walk right now with a slightly achy foot.  Ok, it hurts when I put pressure on it, but hoping a good nights sleep will make it better because I plan on doing it again tomorrow.  Maybe in the afternoon.

90 Day Challenge Begins Now!

There are 90 days left in this year we call 2012.  And I need to make it count.  Hate waiting to the last minute, but I’ve always worked well under pressure.

My ankle is improving quickly and I can now “walk” on it using the boot on the injured foot and the crutches.  Still not a true definition of walking, yet I keep trying to go a little further or straighten my leg out a little bit more each day.  Having problems more with the muscles and tendons protesting being stretched after being on vacation for so long.  The actual ankle is no longer the problem.

My Total Gym

My Total Gym

I decided to finally do something about it instead of talking about it.  Actions speak louder than words, so the Total Gym has come out of retirement in the basement and now resides in my living room.  A rather empty living room since we were planning on renovating about the time of my accident, and all that space is now home to the home gym.

Assorted Handweights

Assorted Handweights

Only did a few stretches last night without the boot on.  Tried getting the right leg to flatten completely against the foot rest, but I’m not there yet.  Trying again tonight.

I have also begun the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge to help with the weight loss side.  Check out my link here for more info and I will be posting weekly updates as I progress in the Challenge.  I was thinking of doing a short video a few times per week.  Is this something anyone would watch?  Was thinking a normal person with weight to lose, no time to spare, and a life to run may somehow connect with all those other normal folks out there.  Still thinking about it since I am a bit camera-shy, yet maybe sharing with others will make it easier for me to stick to it.

Exercising on Hold

This is so very frustrating.  I was just getting back into the rhythm of walking/running, and even enjoying the challenge, when I broke my ankle.  And I didn’t just break it, I destroyed the ankle with 3 individual breaks and major issues with the tendons and ligaments.  Not sure where I’ll end up after my physical therapy.

My guardian angel puppy watching over my injured foot.

After a pity party that lasted for about a week I have decided to flip through my many assorted exercising books and magazines to create an upper body plan that will at least keep me engaged in some form of exercise.  I need to stay off the foot for up to 12 weeks but in that time I believe I can resculpt some killer arms and work on my back, shoulders and chest.  Can possibly get some ab exercises in there too.

Workout Magazine and Stretchy Exercise Cords

Workout Magazine and Stretchy Exercise Cords

A choice of light dumbbells, an exercise ball and some stretchy cords will all come into play to keep the exercises varied.  I started putting my plan together tonight and will fine tune it tomorrow and will post it here for others to check out.

Not being able to move about freely is confining to me and I hate to depend on other people just to get something off a shelf or make me a cup of coffee.  I have a walker right now to help move to the bathroom or the couch, but will be looking for a small wheelchair so I can get into the kitchen to maybe cook and perhaps get a wee bit of cleaning done.  As long as my leg is elevated and stationary, then the rest of me will get to work.

My daily prescriptions.

So off to bed now since my assortment of prescriptions are kicking in and kicking my butt.  I went from a person taking absolutely no prescription medications to one relying on 5 different meds, plus OTC Motrin, to make it through the day and night.  Hope I sleep better tonight because when I’m soundly asleep I can forget about the throbbing pain of my right foot for a little while.