The Blackstone Valley Bike Path

Today was my first walk outside on the Blackstone Valley Bike Path.  It felt so good to be back out there on the path.

Walking the Blackstone Valley Bike Path

Walking the Blackstone Valley Bike Path

I walked an easy mile with my sister and even though I felt some tightness on the inside of my ankle, I made it through and burned 149 calories in the process.  I used my Polar FT4 watch with heart rate monitor to track the calorie burn.

I missed the bike path and I hope it missed me too.  Felt right to be out in the cool sunshine along the moving water.  Everyone was cheerful and I just basked in the simplicity of an outdoor walk.

Again tomorrow for sure!

(This is from March 13th and for some reason I forgot to post it!)

Weekly Update (But It’s Also a Downdate)

The grand total for this week is 224.2, down 1.6 from last week.  I am quite pleased that I have once again made my goal of 1.5 pounds per week and continue working hard at it.

This week has seen me walking and biking each day.  The Blackstone Valley Bike Path has seen me twice per day on both Monday and Tuesday, in the morning for my walk and back again in the early evening for a 4 mile bike ride.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after the first 4 mile ride, but except for a numb and slightly sore butt for a little while, it actually wasn’t that bad at all.  And riding with the breeze cooling you off just feels so darn good.

This week has seen my slow return to running for the first time in nearly 5 months.  Since the path has half-mile markers to use as a guideline, I have chosen to walk out to the one mile marker and then jog as long as I can until I can run all the way back.  I used the fourth black tar patch, which is even with the start of the fence, as my marker the first day and the second day I went to the same previous spot and jogged another 5 fenceposts past.  This was a total of 48 seconds the second day.

48 seconds may not be much, but as long as it increases each time, then I am making progress.  And I can’t ask for more than that right now.


Why I Walk Outside

Yesterday morning was such a glorious New England summer day and I just had to get outside on the Bike Path and enjoy all Mother Nature had to offer.

An old piece of the canal works jutting out into the Blackstone Canal.

A piece of the old Blackstone Canal works jutting into the water.

I walked a bit later than usual, around 10:00 am instead of 8:00 am and saw a whole different crowd of people out on the path today.  It was even crowded.  I normally pass less than 10-15 people in total during a 2-3 mile walk but this morning I must have passed at least 100 people.  But it was indeed a beautiful day and the kids are out of school now, so I must expect it to get busier.  Time for me to go back to the earlier schedule.

As I was walking I was thinking of not being able to get outside the past 2 days due to torrential downpours Monday and a court day sitting on my butt for hours on Tuesday.  That made my morning constitutional all that much better to me.  I smiled at all the new walkers, runners, bikers and rollerbladers I passed, along with their furry companions.

The goose family along the Blackstone Valley bike path.

The Goose Family area. Look out for the poo!

The Goose Family had Mama and Papa out on the edge with the little ones all snoozing in the summer sunshine.  You have to make sure to step carefully around them since the path is littered with green poo and Papa occasionally gets a bit hissy if you get too close.  I give them a wide berth and swing wide around them.  Better to avoid confrontation with a ticked-off goose.  Those suckers can run!

The water on the canal side shimmered a cocoa brown in the dappled sun and the river side looked so cool and refreshing.  Just wanted to dip my toes in it, but no easy way to get to the water safely from where I was.  Plus I didn’t need anyone calling the police saying I was trying to do away with myself in the river.

The flowers along the sides were swaying in the light breeze and called for me to snap their picture.  Some were definitely weeds, but colorful nonetheless.  Here are some of my pictures from Wednesday morning.  Enjoy!

The muddy brown waters of the Blackstone Canal.

The muddy brown water of the Blackstone Canal.

The Blackstone River through the trees from the Blackstone Valley bike path.

The Blackstone River through the trees from the Bike Path.

Orange daylilies along the Blackstone Canal.

Daylilies along the canal side.

A weed along the Blackstone Valley Bike Path.

A majestic yellow weed.

Tiny flowers along the Blackstone River Bike Path.

Tiny white flowers with yellow centers.

A Stroll on The Bike Path

The bridge over the Blackstone River

This morning as I was strolling on the bike path, I realized how lucky I was to have such a fantastic weight loss tool at my convenience.  Too many people take this for granted, but I sure don’t.

The Blackstone Valley Bike Path runs along the Blackstone River and currently stretches from the Cumberland – Central Falls line all the way north through Lincoln, and into Woonsocket in an uninterrupted path ending at the Massachusetts border.

Click here for the map!

This is the location where I have been walking the past 2 weeks with a friend most mornings during the week.  We have gone as far as 5 miles one day, but usually do 2 miles.  Even though my endurance makes 5 miles a total possibility, the lack of bathroom facilities and a bladder full of water does not.  I have dashed into the woods when nature called quite loudly but the loss of the leaf cover makes that a bit difficult without being seen.

The path is separated with a dashed yellow line down the middle and on this path Walkers stay to the left and Bikers to the right.

The divided pathway.

Not everyone follows the rules even though signs are posted at the start in the parking lot and painted on the actual path.

This morning my friend completely forgot we were supposed to be meeting for a walk, so she was out.  Then I called my mother and asked her, but she wasn’t dressed yet and eating her breakfast.  So I bought my Dunkin Donuts coffee and headed out for a leisurely stroll down the path covering a little more than a mile in 24 minutes.  I wasn’t too concerned with not making it a true cardio walk because I knew I was heading to the gym a bit later to continue my walk/run program.  More on that tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures!

The line between towns marred by graffiti.

Looking down the River toward the mills on an overcast morning.