My FitnessPal App

Anyone reading my blog knows I like gadgets, and I’m trying My FitnessPal for at least a week to check it out.

I have been working out steady following my ChaLEAN Extreme program but I am not shedding the pounds.  I have lost some inches, but the numbers are still important to me, and at my weight, they should be moving downward.

I have NEVER been a fan of calorie counting, but it truly may be what I need to see if the “healthy” foods I’m eating actually are as healthy as I think.  So the test began today.

The calorie goal for me is 1210 calories based on my age, height, weight, and activity level, which is still sedentary.  As much as I’d like to say I’m more active, it’s not true.  Lying to myself is something I’m just not going to do.  So I made sure to add some exercise in to increase my allowable calorie count for the day.  I added 330 calories extra through exercise.  It was probably a bit more but my darn Mio watch was just not cooperating with me and I couldn’t get an accurate calorie burn by wearing it.  I followed the numbers listed in the database.

Already learned I need to move my butt much more and should be hitting at least a minimum of 500 extra calories through exercise daily.  Even if I don’t use all of them up in food, they are there as my cushion.  And most of my food choices were good, but bagels are not such a good choice, especially cooked in butter…Fats were a bit too high today.

I plan on working this app for at least 7 days.  If I like it and get used to logging then I may extend the time frame.  Already learned something new today for sure!

My Mio Watch

My Mio Motiva Petite

My Mio Motiva Petite

I have had this Mio Motiva Petite for more than a year or two, but when I took it out recently it just died on me.  So time for a new watch battery.

I popped the battery in (size 2032) and she was as good as new.  I did have to reset all of my personal info into it again, but it was time for an update anyway.

Used the watch for my workout tonight, which was Chalene Johnson’s ChaLEAN Extreme Burn It Off! and Recharge.  The two had a combined total time of almost 51 minutes and I burned over 500 calories!  That’s quite a workout.

Mio Motiva Calories Burned

Mio Motiva Calories Burned

I still would love, love, love a Nike Fuel Band, but for now the few dollars it cost for the new battery is about all I am willing to spend at this time.  So the Mio is just fine for now.

The pounds have been stubborn to come off, so any help I can give myself in understanding my calorie burn is a definite plus.

My BodyBugg

I love my BodyBugg and use it every day.  Anyone familiar with the NBC TV show The Biggest Loser are all aware of the device the contestants wear on their arms .  It looks like a small monitor which is worn against the left arm and tracks your activity, steps, and calorie burn per day.  You set up your personal information on the site and can set your own goals that you wish to meet each day.

My BodyBugg (with my dog in the background)I currently have my activity goal set for 50 minutes which I will raise by 5 minutes this upcoming week because it has been no challenge meeting that particular goal.  My step goal is currently at 10000 steps and I will probably up that soon too.  The calorie burn is set to 2800 which has been difficult to meet every day.  I have actually only met it a few times, but it is a worthy goal.  I try to keep my calories around 1800 and with the calorie burn set to 2800, I have a deficit of 1000 per day which equals out to a 2 pound loss per week.  (3500 calories = 1 pound)

The device can also be used in conjunction with the website, which I highly recommend.  On the site you can record your daily meals with the calories included, graph your weight loss and track your goals.  You personalize the goals to suit yourself and can change or update it at any time.  A USB cord is used to update the data collected on the BodyBugg and post it on the website.

I did have an issue last week with uploading data because it uses Java and my Mac definitely did not like it.  Seems I needed the most recent Java update. A simple call to the BodyBugg hot line, which was in the Philippines, solved my problem and the lady walked me through the update in a few minutes.  Now I can upload much quicker and am not so frustrated when the darn thing keeps spinning!

If you are interested in buying the BodyBugg, you can click on this link so I get credit for it.

(I like being up front about things like this.)

I use the BodyBugg every day, and even though the device itself cannot make you lose more weight, being aware of meeting your goals is a fantastic incentive.  I also bought the digital display watch so I can see how my goals are progressing during the day.  If I see I am running low on steps, I make take the dog for an extra long walk.  Getting close to my calorie burn but may not make it, then I may run in place for a bit to get my heart rate up.  It is a small part of my weight-loss tools in my daily shedding goals.