Day 9 and the End of Vacation

I was just thinking people may wonder why I am writing about my vacation in a blog that is supposed to cover my weight loss.  My point is this: the weight loss is a specified time thing, but living healthy and enjoying your family lasts a lifetime.  The vacation was important to me to just relax and kick back and is an integral part of my lifelong goal of living healthfully.

Day 9 was a lazy day yet again and we actually decided to pack up a day early.  There were predicted thunderstorms beginning early Friday morning, and anyone who has ever camped knows there is nothing worse than packing up in the rain.  Yuck!

Packing up the Buggy

Packing up the Buggy

So we were home by late afternoon and just plopped down on the couch too pooped to even unload much.  Plus, the weather and humidity have been brutal.

The expected storms did pass through South County and the weatherman even interrupted Judge Judy to say that potential lightning and tornado watches were in effect for South County.  Not a pleasant day at all.  But we did manage to get the laundry done!  I never knew I owned that many towels and blankets…Everything got washed, but thank goodness my daughter is a fantastic folder.  And she enjoys it!

Most of my beautifully folded laundry.

Most of my beautifully folded laundry.

Camping Day 2

Today was planned as a lazy day, and we lived up to our expectations.  Nothing much planned but hang around the site and relax.  Or at least try to relax.  We have the McNasty family camping next to us.  Ugh!

These neighbors have 4 children, 2 young teenagers and 2 around 6-8 or so.  And all they do is whine and then yell at each other.  We have had to put up with them screeching at their picnic table playing games until nearly midnight when quiet time is 10:00pm-7:00am.  And of course they were up early.  How about 5:15am early.  Really?  Is that even truly considered morning yet?

And did I mention they walked right through our site to cut through to theirs, while we were still sleeping in the tent?  And not even quiet about it.  And when 2 of the boys went to the outhouse because they were too lazy to walk the extra 2 minutes down the road to the bathroom, and then complained of the smell, the youngest boy decided he would pee at the back of the site.  Our site.  That darn kid was lucky his father realized what he was up to because I would have flipped if he peed on my site.  Grrr…

Back to my breakfast saga.

So I go to put together my shiny new blue enamel coffee percolator pot and can’t find it.  My daughter insists she put the bag into my car, but I tore apart my car and no coffee pot.  And I need my coffee.  Now.

Then I go to cook our breakfast and discover that my brand new camp stove was missing the grates that you place the pans on.  Obviously this was a return and Walmart just stuck it back on the shelf without checking the parts.  I was not a happy camper at all.  No breakfast, no stove, and no caffeine.  Not a good combination for me.

So off to Walmart we went and returned the defective stove and moved a brand up and got the completely sealed Coleman gas camp stove.  Those parts had better all be in there, or else! (and they were all in there.)

The Coleman Camp Stove.

My Coleman Camp Stove, with all the parts.

We ended up at McDonalds for breakfast.  Not the best choice, and not even my choice at all, but the kids were starving and I needed a coffee and something in my belly.  I had a Newman’s Own coffee, a small kids apple juice, and a Sausage Biscuit sandwich.  Didn’t get more than a tiny bite or two of hash brown before my son eyed it and snagged the chunk left.  Good, saved me a few calories.

Once back from our errands we decided to go for a swim in the pond at the campground for an hour or so.  Then it was sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, then off to the showers with our clean clothes and quarters.  $0.50 gets you 3 minutes but the $1.00 that claims to get you 6 actually lasts a bit longer than that.  You never realize how fast you can get everything clean when you’re on a timer.

My son and I took a walk around the loop near our site and it measured out to 1.38 miles.  I want to start walking/running it soon.  We also took a bike ride that by my estimates was about 3.5 miles.  I will check with the car to see how close I get to my guesstimate.

Dinner was penne pasta with sausage, marinara sauce and Italian bread.  The camp stove worked fine once I got past the part where I had to hook up the gas canister to the stove.  I hate that first pop it gives when the piece is attached.  Been doing this for years but it still scares me every time.  I think it’s a good thing to be afraid of gas, and that way you’ll never underestimate it.

Campfire once again and no listening to the whining and complaining for the McNasty Family.  They were out most of the day and must have drugged all the kids because they barely made a peep when they got back around 8:00pm.  Off to sleep, which came a bit quicker since they weren’t making any noise.  Ahhh, now this is camping.

(P.S. I will add a picture of the pond and a few others later when I find the download cord to the camera…)

Camping Day 1

Today saw us traveling down to our campsite at Burlingame Campground and setting up house, or I mean site.  It will be our home for the next 10 days so we make it as homey as we can.

Our empty campsite at Burlingame.

Site 517 at Burlingame.

My daughter and I set up the tent and then she set up the screen house all by herself.  She loves to set up the “kitchen” which is the base of all eating for the next week or so, and the fridge, I mean the large Coleman cooler, is just outside the door of the kitchen.  We set up the camp stove and grill over to the side so smoke doesn’t get into our kitchen and to block some of the view of the annoying neighboring campers we had to deal with for the first 2 days.

The screenhouse kitchen

My daughter showing off her new kitchen.

We made our annual camping shopping stock up trip to the Walmart and Job Lot and then put our goodies away in the kitchen and the fridge, known to most people as the screen house and the cooler.

After that was all done we were just about done so a relaxing fire was in order.  And of course some s’mores, the lovely, messy, gooey concoction of toasted marshmallow, chocolate squares and graham crackers.  Or in my case, completely burnt marshmallow.  Not good for the waistline, but yum!

Hit the sack, or rather the queen sized air mattress around 11:00 and took a bit to fall asleep due to the noisy ignorant folks next door.  They finally quieted down around midnight.  I pray they leave early.

Camping Trip 2012

Each year my family and I head to a campground in South County, Rhode Island.  I have been going to Burlingame Campground since I was about 5 or 6, so you know this place has been here a long, long time.  And we still love it.

The campfire.

The campfire with my bike in the background.

Vacation started Wednesday, August 1, and ends Friday August 10.  Although I am on vacation, I brought my running/walking shoes and my bike to keep active and to counterattack the s’mores I will definitely be eating at the campfire.

Alex in the kitty house.

Helloooo…is anyone in there? It’s dark in here.

We always set up the basics of the site, the tent and the screen house (or kitchen as my daughter calls it) and then head out to Job Lot and Walmart for food and other supplies.  These trips can also be fun, as evidenced by my son checking out the kitty house in Job Lot while I was looking for clothes line and clothespins.  Snapped his picture before he knew it.

Since internet signal is spotty at the campground, I will only be able to update the blog when I am out at another location, and if I remember to grab the computer bag.  Right now I am blogging from home because we planned to come back today (Saturday, August 4) to attend an informational meeting for my son and I am supposed to tutor later this afternoon for a final session.

Site 517 Burlingame Campground

Our empty site, #517 when we arrived.

I plan on creating a grateful post for the past week, and I have a few things to mention for sure!

My new Chippewa Tent

My home away from home for the next 10 days.

Wish me luck with the mosquito attacks and hope the rain stays away.  I am sleeping in a tent.

Weekly Update

I know this is very late for a supposed Monday post, and I truly have no excuse outside of being extremely busy getting ready for vacation.  And finishing a tutoring session of a straight week with a student from France here on summer vacation with an online English course to get completed.  And their lake house is a 45 minute ride away, each way!  (But the pay was excellent!)

So this week is 224.0.  I had a loss of just 0.2 pounds.  Not too pleased with the tiny loss, but will still accept it for what it is, a loss.

I made my mileage this past week, rode the bike a few times, and ate healthy most of the week.  Not too sure if the stress of the upcoming 10 day camping vacation did me in, or perhaps too much coffee in trying to stay awake to get everything done.

The Compound Effect and tracking.

The tracking notebook. Have one in green and yellow.

Trying to follow the Compound Effect advice and just track for 7 days, and I mean track everything!  Every bite, every sip, every taste, and of course every meal.  Darren Hardy claims this is the one free step that every one can make to change an area of their life they want to work on.  And since my healthy eating and exercise are vital to me, the little notebook must stay with me at all times.

No more missing a meal, or a snack.  If I want to change a habit, I need to know where to make those adjustments.  And boy will this be tough on vacation week, but I’ll be honest and do it anyway.  Promise! (I might even show a page or two so I’d better be conscious of what goes into my mouth.)