Camping Day 4 & 5

Due to the issues with LG (the name of my daughter’s car) last night we were home earlier than originally planned. The ac in the house sure felt good since the weather was disgustingly humid in Cumberland.  I slept very well indeed.

Even though I had excellent intentions of walking and maybe a bike ride later that afternoon, the issue with the car changed everything.  We spent the morning trying to locate a starter, while preparing to attend the meeting I originally planned on coming home for.  My son wants to join the Naval Sea Cadets and with his military fascination, it is a perfect fit for him.  We had to borrow Mom’s car for the Open House meeting in Providence.

The car problem was the starter and LG was up and running in a few hours.  It sure helps when you date a mechanic!  The car part alone was $140, and that’s with a huge discount, but not paying to have it installed was priceless.  We all piled into LG for dinner at Apsara, one of our favorite Asian restaurants serving Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai food.  I had a light soup with some sticky rice and a chive dumpling.  All washed down with plenty of water since the weather never improved all day.

Sunday morning saw us up around 8:00am and hitting the road back to the campground by 9:15am.  Made a quick stop for some Panera breakfast sandwiches and a lovely cappucino with no sugar, and then smooth sailing back to Charlestown and Burlingame.

Even with my intentions, no real exercise happened this weekend and I definitely didn’t meet my weekly goal of 11.5 miles. Next week will see an improvement.