Weekly Update

I know this is very late for a supposed Monday post, and I truly have no excuse outside of being extremely busy getting ready for vacation.  And finishing a tutoring session of a straight week with a student from France here on summer vacation with an online English course to get completed.  And their lake house is a 45 minute ride away, each way!  (But the pay was excellent!)

So this week is 224.0.  I had a loss of just 0.2 pounds.  Not too pleased with the tiny loss, but will still accept it for what it is, a loss.

I made my mileage this past week, rode the bike a few times, and ate healthy most of the week.  Not too sure if the stress of the upcoming 10 day camping vacation did me in, or perhaps too much coffee in trying to stay awake to get everything done.

The Compound Effect and tracking.

The tracking notebook. Have one in green and yellow.

Trying to follow the Compound Effect advice and just track for 7 days, and I mean track everything!  Every bite, every sip, every taste, and of course every meal.  Darren Hardy claims this is the one free step that every one can make to change an area of their life they want to work on.  And since my healthy eating and exercise are vital to me, the little notebook must stay with me at all times.

No more missing a meal, or a snack.  If I want to change a habit, I need to know where to make those adjustments.  And boy will this be tough on vacation week, but I’ll be honest and do it anyway.  Promise! (I might even show a page or two so I’d better be conscious of what goes into my mouth.)

A Stroll on The Bike Path

The bridge over the Blackstone River

This morning as I was strolling on the bike path, I realized how lucky I was to have such a fantastic weight loss tool at my convenience.  Too many people take this for granted, but I sure don’t.

The Blackstone Valley Bike Path runs along the Blackstone River and currently stretches from the Cumberland – Central Falls line all the way north through Lincoln, and into Woonsocket in an uninterrupted path ending at the Massachusetts border.

Click here for the map!

This is the location where I have been walking the past 2 weeks with a friend most mornings during the week.  We have gone as far as 5 miles one day, but usually do 2 miles.  Even though my endurance makes 5 miles a total possibility, the lack of bathroom facilities and a bladder full of water does not.  I have dashed into the woods when nature called quite loudly but the loss of the leaf cover makes that a bit difficult without being seen.

The path is separated with a dashed yellow line down the middle and on this path Walkers stay to the left and Bikers to the right.

The divided pathway.

Not everyone follows the rules even though signs are posted at the start in the parking lot and painted on the actual path.

This morning my friend completely forgot we were supposed to be meeting for a walk, so she was out.  Then I called my mother and asked her, but she wasn’t dressed yet and eating her breakfast.  So I bought my Dunkin Donuts coffee and headed out for a leisurely stroll down the path covering a little more than a mile in 24 minutes.  I wasn’t too concerned with not making it a true cardio walk because I knew I was heading to the gym a bit later to continue my walk/run program.  More on that tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures!

The line between towns marred by graffiti.

Looking down the River toward the mills on an overcast morning.