It’s Not a Diet!

I have been posting pictures and comments on Facebook and Instagram about my journey into healthy eating and exercise.  And I just got proof that people are really paying attention to what I’m doing, even if they don’t interact with me very often.

I went to Mary Lou’s Coffee yesterday with my kids and got a delicious and decadent

My Spilled Coffee

My Spilled Coffee

Girl Scout Cookie iced coffee, complete with some whipped cream and about 350 calories.  But I wanted it and I enjoyed it.

The problem was the poor girl behind the counter spilled mine by accident and had to make me another one.  And when she commented that she should have taken a picture, I obliged her and put it on Instagram and Facebook.

Then I get the comment, “I thought you were all into healthy eating?”

I am, but this is a lifestyle change, not a drastic deprivation diet.  I enjoy an occasional treat and made up for the extra calories by hitting the treadmill for a walk/run and the arc machine for a nice calorie burn.

Don’t live like everything is forbidden except carrot sticks and salad.  Enjoy a treat every now and then.  All things in moderation is a nice credo to live by.

Nurture Change Health Coaching

I have finally created my Facebook page for my health coaching business through Integrative Nutrition.  I had created it back in November but never activated it until today.  I guess I was just scared of it going live, and I have no idea why because it was quite easy to publish it.  Just hit the button!

Scituate Reservoir

Scituate Reservoir

This is the picture I chose to use on the Facebook page since I love it so much.  It is of the Scituate Reservoir taken during Columbus Day Weekend at the Scituate Art Festival.  Just a nice picture overall.

Please stop by to visit my page if you’re interested.  I’d appreciate any likes and comments, but it’s still a baby and a work in progress.

My business is called Nurture Change Health Coaching and I will put up links when I have the actual business site up and running.  That too is a work in progress!

Learning from IIN

I have just begun my online training for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, or IIN, and I have already learned and absorbed so much information.  Sometimes it is actually overwhelming.  There are so many experienced and opinionated people posting in our FaceBook group, that it can be distracting, to say the least.

Homegrown Vegetables

Homegrown Vegetables

Eat meat and dairy.  Only veganism will do.  Vegetarian with fish and eggs, raw dairy products, paleo diets, whole grains, no grains, gluten-free…  Are you kidding?  After reading just a handful of posts anyone who eats would be confused.

I agree that we should eat more fruits and veggies, and get our foods as naturally as possible, including organic.  I have decided to not spend too much time on the larger FaceBook group and pay more attention to the smaller group connected to my coaching circle.

Healthy Mediterranean Plate from Angelos

Healthy Mediterranean Plate from Angelos

This is an amazing journey already, and I have just begun.  More to come as I learn.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I have taken the plunge and signed up for the class starting October 29, 2012.  I first heard of IIN way back in the 90’s and had an actual catalog loaded with information about the course and how to turn the education into the springboard for a Health Coaching Career.  This appeals to me and I’m doing it.

I have already been in touch with many of my new “virtual” classmates since this is the 21st century and done online.  The Facebook and Twitter community is full of new supporters and offers a completely new way to communicate and interact more than ever.  I have chatted with folks from all over the world and it is so satisfying to discover like-minded people in my class.

Even though the online class doesn’t start until October 29th, there are Fundamental classes available to work through.  These classes give you an idea of what the upcoming classes may be like.  I have downloaded the IIN app that works with Apple products and I have my new iPhone to use for listening to lectures on the go.

The Integrative Nutrition Plan has 12 steps, but you do not need to follow the steps in any order. Pick one and then go onto another when you’re ready. You could tackle one new step a day, a week, or a month. This isn’t a short- term diet; this is long-term lifestyle. Trust your instincts, and know that each change you make has a tremendous impact on your present and your future.© Integrative Nutrition

The 12 Steps to Better Health

The 12 Steps to Better Health

I am working on the 12 Steps to Better Health 2 steps at a time.  As many others in the class have mentioned, most of us have done all of these steps at one time, but not consistently, or have not mastered them.  I know I certainly haven’t.  So 2 at a time until those are mastered, and then on to the next 2.  I am starting with #1 Drink More Water and #2 Practice Cooking.  And I definitely could use a boost with both of these even though they are quite easy to master.

Here’s to running to the bathroom more frequently and messing up the kitchen!

Time Sucking Life Wasting Activities

Since I named this blog Shedding in RI, there obviously was for me the deep-seated need to shed many kinds of things.  Not only the weight, but unhealthy relationships, attitudes and certain activities that have absolutely no positive benefit to my life.  And waste so much of my time.

First of all, I am shedding weight and gaining strength and health.  I do not want to lose weight because that implies I will soon go looking for it, like I do the cell phone when I can’t remember where in the world I last put it down.  I have not lost or misplaced anything.  I am making a concerted effort to change my life for the better.

I have already mentioned in previous posts that I recently ended a long-standing relationship of nearly seven years.  The relationship was not progressing and felt oppressive.  He continually wanted to spend all of his free time with me.  That usually is not a bad thing, but we each have our own children and mine didn’t want him around all the time and I thought he should spend more time with his own kids.  It got to the point of every conversation about wanting to be with me and it just bothered me.  That was when I knew it was time to move on.  We became other people and those new people just weren’t getting along in the proper way to maintain a relationship.  I am trying to stay friends since we have known each other for years (since Middle School) but it takes walking a very fine line.

The attitude I have adopted is that I can do anything, even if it takes a while.  We are all so used to immediate fixes, instant everything, and changing your life is not instantaneous.  I need to work at changing my mindset, changing my exercise habits, and changing the beliefs I have of success in my goals.  I have failed too many times in the past, but this is not the past, but my future is what is ahead of me.

And the last most important time sucking life wasting activity I removed is spending too much time on Facebook playing games.  It started with Cafe World, then Farmville, Gardens of Time, and several different Mah Jong games.  But I realized I was wasting so much time playing these games and actually saying I have to be home in an hour because my corn will be ready!  On a computerized game!  I have removed myself from all of these and blocked the requests so my Facebook is not clogged with game requests.  Now my FB page is quick to scan for new comments from my friends and takes me less than 3-5 minutes to check in with my friends.

My life is much easier already with these changes and I will continue getting used to them before adding anything new.