My FitnessPal App

Anyone reading my blog knows I like gadgets, and I’m trying My FitnessPal for at least a week to check it out.

I have been working out steady following my ChaLEAN Extreme program but I am not shedding the pounds.  I have lost some inches, but the numbers are still important to me, and at my weight, they should be moving downward.

I have NEVER been a fan of calorie counting, but it truly may be what I need to see if the “healthy” foods I’m eating actually are as healthy as I think.  So the test began today.

The calorie goal for me is 1210 calories based on my age, height, weight, and activity level, which is still sedentary.  As much as I’d like to say I’m more active, it’s not true.  Lying to myself is something I’m just not going to do.  So I made sure to add some exercise in to increase my allowable calorie count for the day.  I added 330 calories extra through exercise.  It was probably a bit more but my darn Mio watch was just not cooperating with me and I couldn’t get an accurate calorie burn by wearing it.  I followed the numbers listed in the database.

Already learned I need to move my butt much more and should be hitting at least a minimum of 500 extra calories through exercise daily.  Even if I don’t use all of them up in food, they are there as my cushion.  And most of my food choices were good, but bagels are not such a good choice, especially cooked in butter…Fats were a bit too high today.

I plan on working this app for at least 7 days.  If I like it and get used to logging then I may extend the time frame.  Already learned something new today for sure!

Weekly Weight Update

Today’s number is 228.  Yes, once again it is up, not down.  And I am getting ticked off big time.  Sick of it.

I have to get serious.  No more thinking I can eat good foods and not drink enough water and skip meals, and still expect to lose weight.  Not gonna happen.

I have to do something I seriously don’t like doing.  Plan.  Prioritize. Prepare.  I think I’ll call them my 3 Ps.

I must plan out my schedule more strenuously starting this morning.  Like right after I get off this computer and grab my planner.  I have one and need to use the darn thing.  If I plan things get done but when I just let the day ride, then it’s getting dark and I’m thinking, “What have I accomplished today?  Nothing…”

I have to prioritize my time for me.  Of course I will get done everything else that needs getting done each day, but the first one put into the planner is ME.

And prepare.  Ahh, this one kills me.  I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, but that is just getting me bigger pants as my butt gets larger.  I need to prepare planned leftovers, keep healthy fruits and veggies chopped up and in glass covered dishes so I can see what’s lurking in the depths of my fridge.  And shop more frequently to get fresh ingredients instead of buying what looks fresh and yummy once a week and then forgetting about it.  And discovering the decomposed “fresh” veggies rotting in the crisper drawer.  No more…

Posting the weekly number online has caused a shift in my thinking.  I contemplated making up a number and putting it online.  Something reasonable, maybe down a pound or two that I could catch up within a week or so.  Make me look good, like I was doing something.  But that’s cheating and I can’t abide cheats.  I promised to post the weekly number, good or bad, and there it is.  Up 1.4 pounds in 2 weeks because I haven’t shifted my mindset yet.  But those gears are churning now.

Off to plan, prioritize and start the rice steamer.  Brown rice even!