Checking Out New Devices

I am a device kind of girl.  And today I checked out the Polar FT4 and the Nike Fuel Band.  I want both, but have to make up my mind.

I like to have a device that tells me how hard I’m working and something that tracks on the computer.  I like the pedometer type devices, like the Fitbit I currently have, and the Striiv pedometer.  I am using both of these right now.  But they’re lacking the added oomph I’m looking for.

So I checked out both the Polar FT4 which has been mentioned by a few folks I follow online, and the Nike Fuel band.  The Polar retails for about $65-75 and the Nike is more like $150.

The Nike is a bracelet which hopefully won’t fall off and end up in the toilet, which has happened to me in the past with pedometers that attach to your waistband.  It can be worn all the time and tracks your activity and comes with an interactive site, community, and game.

And the Polar is a watch and comes with a chest strap that you wear when exercising to track your heartbeat.  This is supposed to help you learn how to best push yourself for maximum effectiveness in your workouts.  I am assuming you don’t wear the chest strap all the time, so does the Polar track activity without the strap?  This I need to find out.

If that is the case then I will probably save up for the Nike Fuel band because I want to know my caloric expenditure for the day, in addition to when I’m exercising.

Tell me your thoughts please!

Using New Striiv App

I have mentioned using the Striiv pedometer in the past, but now that I have the new iPhone 5, I have been checking out all the apps available.  And I found the Striiv app in the App Store.

I have not used it enough yet to give a full, honest opinion, but I can say that it is fun to do the little challenges to add steps to your day.  I went from easily logging 10,000+ steps per day to being lucky if I make 1500 right now.  Hobbling along with one foot in a boot is not conducive to logging miles yet.

But I can manage an extra 100 steps throughout the day and will slowly increase my ability to walk better, and earn those extra energy points.  Check it out!

The Striiv iPhone App

The Striiv iPhone App