Motivation to Workout

I so didn’t want to exercise this morning.  I had a hard time getting to sleep last night with thoughts racing through my head.  Finally fell asleep around 2:00 am.  And I had to get up before 7:30 to wake my son for a bowling trip with his friends.  Not a cheerful person this morning.

But I got up, woke him, made his bagel sandwich to go and sent him on his way. Then I folded laundry, read 2 chapters in a motivational book and listened to a lecture from my online Integrative Nutrition class.  Then I was thinking, why am I putting this off?

The book I am reading is Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy and is all about procrastination.  I should have written the “what not to do” book on that subject since I have been an expert most of my life.  And it’s the reason I’m reading the darn book in the first place!

So on went the bright blue sneakers and I completed the Push 2 circuit of the ChaLEAN Extreme program.  Once I was done I was asking myself, “Why put it off?  If you don’t want to do it, then do it first and get it done!”  Brian Tracy would tell me that exercising was one of my biggest frogs and I have to eat that one first.

My Assortment of Hand Weights

My Assortment of Hand Weights (the little red one in the left corner belongs to the dog)


My New Christmas Presents!

Our Christmas Tree with presents!

It has been a very hectic last few days, but now Christmas is over until next year and I can focus on me again.  The holidays were wonderful with the family and for once I actually truly relaxed and enjoyed my family.  I shopped with my mother, and I hate shopping!  I just hung out with both my sons, one 29 and the other 11, and my daughter joined us too.  She is 24.  Listening to my father tell his silly jokes made me laugh and appreciate his very strange sense of humor that I believe he passed on to me.  My younger sister made me a healthy breakfast 2 days this past week and she never cooks for me.  I am usually the one doing the cooking.  And my older sister knows I didn’t have too much expendable cash this season and simply asked for an IOU for a day of painting.  She needs to redo her living room and bathroom and has decided she hates to paint, so we will make a day or even a weekend out of it and have fun while getting the job done.  Everyone dear to me shone in a different light this past week and they are still shining.

This week ended a bit lame with my missing on at least 2 workouts.  I am not going to beat myself up because it was the holidays, and I am already back on track.  I went to the gym early this evening and worked out in my new presents, a pair of Asics Equation 5 sneakers and Asics Women’s Performance Sports Fashion socks.  It may be a bit too early to solidly state that the running shoes and socks improved my running, but I can say they felt secure, my feet didn’t hurt as much while on the treadmill, and the pain I had been experiencing at the tops of my knees is definitely lessened tonight.  I will update later in the week after I put a few miles on them.

My new Asics running shoes and socks.

The shoes came from JC Penney and were purchased with a gift certificate I received from my students last week.  I had just finished teaching a 12 week ESL course at a local company and this was their parting gift.  I was very touched and even teared up a bit since it was so unexpected.  I am usually the one who thinks mushy cards are stupid.  Not this time. I appreciated the fact that they appreciated my helping them better themselves and decided to use the gift card to purchase my first official pair of “running” shoes.  I was supposed to get a pair for Christmas from “someone who will not be named” but he didn’t get them.  The price was a bit steep, so I hit the sneaker aisle in JC Penney and tried at least 4 different kinds of Asics until I found one that fit the best.  I even embarrassed my daughter by running a few laps around the end cap in the store.

The socks are from Bob’s Store and were purchased with the funds credited to me from a return.  Instead of getting the much desired sneakers, I ended up with a nice New England Patriots windbreaker.  The problem was, it was a man’s and not quite cut correctly for my full figure.  So I exchanged it for a gift card and bought 2 sets of Asics neon bright running socks.  They are so comfy!  The colors are a bit in-your-face, but at least everyone in the house will know they’re mine.  The picture doesn’t show them as bright, but believe me, they are neon highlighter colors of green, yellow, and hot pink.

I still plan on purchasing the recommended Asics 2170 when I have the funds, but for now, these will do much better than walking shoes and will get me well on my way to becoming a runner.