Back Into Running Rhythm

I ran 3 times this week at the gym.  I do it on the treadmill since that has more give and less pounding on my feet, especially my reconstructed ankle.

The first time I tried this I hurt and ached for days.  Now the pain and swelling is not as severe and I can do this every two days or so.  Now its time to make a walk/run schedule like I had last year.

The Running Journal and Complete Book of Beginning Running.

The Running Journal and Complete Book of Beginning Running.

My plan is to use a warm-up walking period of 5 minutes since my ankle can be stiff until I get it moving along at a good speed.  Then I will use 20 minutes on the treadmill and block off when and for how long I will run in between bouts of cooling down.

Today I ran for 4 bouts of 45 seconds each with about 3-4 minutes between.  I didn’t track it exactly.  But now I want to track so I can see improvement and push myself as I progress.  If I hadn’t already been getting into shape through Beachbody and ChaLEAN Extreme, there is no way I could come right out and run 45 seconds the first time.  I am getting stronger and not stopping now.

Contact me for more information on coaching through Beachbody, or check out       my site.  Thanks!

First Snowfall of the Year

Today we were supposed to get a Nor’easter in Rhode Island with winds and rain, but somewhere along the line the message must have gotten mixed up because we ended up with snow.  Lots of it and it’s still coming down.

Downtown Pawtucket, Rhode Island in the snow

Downtown Pawtucket, Rhode Island in the snow

This will slightly alter my plans to walk tomorrow.  Change of plans usually don’t bother me and I will adapt by trying the stationary bike instead.

Wet snowball on the car window

Wet snowball on the car window

Walked My Dog Tonight

Jasper Out for an Evening Stroll

Jasper Out for an Evening Stroll

I did something so simple and mundane tonight, yet I am so excited.  I walked my dog.  Just around the corner so he could do his business, but it was the first walk since the Great Driveway Skid that gave me a broken ankle x3 and 2 months out of my life.  It really sucks being laid up, literally, and I just want to move!

This entire walk was about 1/8 mile.  Nothing to really brag about and rather slow going with the boot on my right foot and my sneaker on the left.  My daughter also tagged along carrying my crutches, just in case… We must have looked like a motley crew, especially when my son also caught up to us while sipping his hot chocolate.  The dog was probably wondering what the big fuss was about.  He just needed to go.

I’m feeling the after effects of the walk right now with a slightly achy foot.  Ok, it hurts when I put pressure on it, but hoping a good nights sleep will make it better because I plan on doing it again tomorrow.  Maybe in the afternoon.

Day 7 – Walk Around the Neighborhood

I was just very lazy today and didn’t feel like doing anything. It was a “don’t want to get out of bed, take a shower, make breakfast or do any housework” kind of day. Just felt blah. Nothing seems to be going as I want, progress in my journey is so very slow and I’m feeling discouraged in general.

But looking into the shiny black eyes of my Maltichon, Jasper, something lifted a bit inside and we decided to walk around the neighborhood together. Jasper senses when I need his companionship and snuggled right next to me on the couch as I read. He is so adorable and is a part of my family.

Looking up the street in my neighborhood.

I leashed him up, grabbed a poo bag and headed out the door. It seems just taking that first step to get outside is the hardest, but once out we started on our 1/2 mile walk. Our normal walk for him to complete his business is to the corner and back. But today we went all the way to the end of the road near my house and looped back again.

I know it was a bout of depression weighing me down and spending that 20 slow ambling minutes with my little white dog improved my mood and pepped me up for the rest of the day.

A 1/2 mile stroll is nothing like the exercising I have been participating in lately, but for today it was just the thing.


Day 6 – The Blackstone River Bike Path Walk

The Blackstone River to my right.

I have mentioned this Bike Path before and spend many an hour walking the smooth asphalt surface.  Today was a 3.25 mile walk at a pretty good clip listening to my Disco album on my iPhone.  Who doesn’t pick up the pace when hearing “I Will Survive” or “Hot Stuff” in their ears?  “Disco Inferno” really gets my feet moving at a fantastic pace.

The Blackstone River Bike Path travels between the Blackstone River on one side and the Blackstone Canal on the other.  Back when I was a child this was called the Tow Path, so named for the track used by horses or perhaps mules that pulled the barges along the canal to the local manufacturing mills.  This is where they laid the track for the current bike path.  My trek today took me from the starting point in Lonsdale (a former mill village section of both Cumberland where I live now, and Lincoln where I grew up) and I walked the 3.25 miles all the way to Berkeley, another mill village area of Cumberland.  At both ends of today’s walk are mills.  At the Lonsdale end they are being used for various small companies and enterprises, and the other end is the home of Hope Global, which was a former Health Tex mill.

The Blackstone Canal to my left.

The sun was shining too brightly today for a trudging run on the treadmill, so outside on the Bike Path for me.  Besides, my legs are still aching from that little run outside yesterday, and Zumba on the Wii took its toll too.  Oh, I am falling apart…

But I guess a good 3.25 mile walk is better than nothing at all, and I definitely was not up for a run today.  Planning for it tomorrow morning.

I was standing in the same spot when I took the pictures of the River and the Canal.


The 30/30 Plan

I really want to run a 5K in the Spring, but am a total novice runner.  A truly beginning, I hate running, why is someone my size even trying this kind of running runner.  I have tried the Couch to 5K downloaded App before but felt there was not enough recovery time between walk/run stints.  The first day starts off with walk for 90 seconds and then run for 60 seconds. I can absolutely run for 60 seconds but my body is not quite ready to begin running again in 90 seconds.  I need more like 2-3 minutes right now before I am able to run again and breath properly.  My heart rate gets right up there, to a max of 170 the first day, and it needs some extra down time to get it down again.  I have been doing this just 4 days and now the max is only hitting 165.  May not seem like much, but better.

So I looked online, read some other blogs about running, and found a link to Hal Higdon.  On his site I found a beginner’s program called the 30/30 Plan, and here is a brief synopsis.

First 10 minutes – you must walk. No running allowed.

Minutes 10-25 you can run/walk in intervals as you feel fit.  They suggest run 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds, or some other combination that works for you.

Last 5 minutes is once again a walk only time.  The site says to follow this for 30 days and you will show definitely improvement.

My 30/30 Plan looks more like Walk 10 minutes, then do a mixture of Run/Walk for the next 15 minutes with 5 one minute running spurts.  Then I Walk the last 5 minutes.  I may still need the recovery time of 2-3 minutes, but in the four days I have been following this plan I have already increased the speed of my walking and the speed of my running has started at 4.0 and today I was running at 4.3 mph.  Definite improvement in my book!

I want to work this 30/30 Plan for one month and then begin the Couch to 5K program.  I have proactively downloaded the app already since I have been known to procrastinate.

And procrastination, along with some other time sucking and life wasting activities, also need to be worked on.  That is tomorrow’s topic of discussion.