The Blackstone Valley Bike Path

Today was my first walk outside on the Blackstone Valley Bike Path.  It felt so good to be back out there on the path.

Walking the Blackstone Valley Bike Path

Walking the Blackstone Valley Bike Path

I walked an easy mile with my sister and even though I felt some tightness on the inside of my ankle, I made it through and burned 149 calories in the process.  I used my Polar FT4 watch with heart rate monitor to track the calorie burn.

I missed the bike path and I hope it missed me too.  Felt right to be out in the cool sunshine along the moving water.  Everyone was cheerful and I just basked in the simplicity of an outdoor walk.

Again tomorrow for sure!

(This is from March 13th and for some reason I forgot to post it!)

I Ran Again

I haven’t run in nearly 7 1/2 months and I actually did it yesterday.  And that was a big step for me.

My Adidas Walking Shoes and Comfy Neon Socks

Going to need a new pair of good running shoes.

I had been working on my own version of a walk/run C25K last summer before I broke my ankle in 3 places on August 15th.  It has been a very slow and arduous journey back to walking, and I still have times when the pain and swelling flares up and I limp.

But I started back to the gym about 2 weeks ago, and have been working out at home

ChaLEAN Extreme

ChaLEAN Extreme


using my Beachbody ChaLEAN Extreme program, and just felt ready last night to try a brief run.  And I do mean brief.  I think it lasted about 15 seconds and I did it twice.  I just wanted to celebrate once it was accomplished.  No balloons fell from the ceiling of the gym and I probably looked like a dork with the big grin on my face, but I didn’t care.  I had just run.

Running had been a goal I set for myself to complete before the end of March and I did it.  Fear of the pain, or perhaps falling down, had prevented me from trying sooner.  But now it seems that conquering that fear has lit a new spark in me, and I plan on creating a new C25K program to start April 1.

Studying to be a health coach through IIN has changed me from the inside out, and I’m liking the positive changes.  Hoping there are more to come soon!

Getting My Steps In

Using my Striiv app and trying to get enough steps in to earn more energy. Still hard without being able to truly get moving quickly. So I pace across the house a lot and am now walking the dog at least twice a day.

Anyone driving down the street probably thinks I’m a nervous wreck with all my pacing, but the steps add up, and it’s quite a distance from the living room, through the dining room and into my room.  Do that a few times and it adds up my friends, it adds up!


Using New Striiv App

I have mentioned using the Striiv pedometer in the past, but now that I have the new iPhone 5, I have been checking out all the apps available.  And I found the Striiv app in the App Store.

I have not used it enough yet to give a full, honest opinion, but I can say that it is fun to do the little challenges to add steps to your day.  I went from easily logging 10,000+ steps per day to being lucky if I make 1500 right now.  Hobbling along with one foot in a boot is not conducive to logging miles yet.

But I can manage an extra 100 steps throughout the day and will slowly increase my ability to walk better, and earn those extra energy points.  Check it out!

The Striiv iPhone App

The Striiv iPhone App


Walking Better, Finally

Does walking around the house and out to the car count as exercise?  It does when you’re doing it on crutches.  I have been practicing to get my walking stride more in tune with a normal gait, and even though it stretches the muscles on the top of my foot, I am definitely improving.

My Trusty Crutches

My Trusty Crutches

I used the crutches as much as I could yesterday and I can honestly say my legs were tired.  The muscles in both legs, from my feet all the way to my thighs were asking for a reprieve.  This causes me concern, since this isn’t “real” exercise yet.  Going to have to start working those lazy legs a bit more each day and add in some extra upper body to ease into a routine of strenuous exercise.  My dieting will help, but the exercise will reshape me and bring me lasting changes, all for the good.

My original goal of walking unaided by Thanksgiving will absolutely be met.  With the progress I’m making I am now changing that goal to Halloween.

Now I’m dreading the physical therapy…

Weekly Update (But It’s Also a Downdate)

The grand total for this week is 224.2, down 1.6 from last week.  I am quite pleased that I have once again made my goal of 1.5 pounds per week and continue working hard at it.

This week has seen me walking and biking each day.  The Blackstone Valley Bike Path has seen me twice per day on both Monday and Tuesday, in the morning for my walk and back again in the early evening for a 4 mile bike ride.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after the first 4 mile ride, but except for a numb and slightly sore butt for a little while, it actually wasn’t that bad at all.  And riding with the breeze cooling you off just feels so darn good.

This week has seen my slow return to running for the first time in nearly 5 months.  Since the path has half-mile markers to use as a guideline, I have chosen to walk out to the one mile marker and then jog as long as I can until I can run all the way back.  I used the fourth black tar patch, which is even with the start of the fence, as my marker the first day and the second day I went to the same previous spot and jogged another 5 fenceposts past.  This was a total of 48 seconds the second day.

48 seconds may not be much, but as long as it increases each time, then I am making progress.  And I can’t ask for more than that right now.


Weekly Weight Update

I think I may have the swing of this yet!  I am down a total of 2.2 pounds this week for a weight of 225.8.  Still just 0.8 pounds lost overall, but it is a good move in the right direction and with a few more hard-working sweaty weeks, I may just catch up with my desired rate of losing of 1.5 pounds per week.

The walking goal for Week 2 was 10 miles and I made that with a bit to spare with a total for the week of 10.74 miles.  It is time to increase it a bit because I am gearing up to run again soon, so Week 3 goal is 10.5 miles and I already have more than a mile and half logged this morning.

The feet are still just a wee bit itchy when I walk, but soaking in the salt water yesterday helped dry up the red bumps and they are now scabbed over.  Hope they heal soon.  Don’t particularly like scabby feet.  Ewwww!

Still humid here this week, so early walking and some walking after dark are in order. Perhaps I will plan my evening walk with my friend and we can discuss our goals for creating healthier lives for both of us, exercise and relationship included.