My FitnessPal App

Anyone reading my blog knows I like gadgets, and I’m trying My FitnessPal for at least a week to check it out.

I have been working out steady following my ChaLEAN Extreme program but I am not shedding the pounds.  I have lost some inches, but the numbers are still important to me, and at my weight, they should be moving downward.

I have NEVER been a fan of calorie counting, but it truly may be what I need to see if the “healthy” foods I’m eating actually are as healthy as I think.  So the test began today.

The calorie goal for me is 1210 calories based on my age, height, weight, and activity level, which is still sedentary.  As much as I’d like to say I’m more active, it’s not true.  Lying to myself is something I’m just not going to do.  So I made sure to add some exercise in to increase my allowable calorie count for the day.  I added 330 calories extra through exercise.  It was probably a bit more but my darn Mio watch was just not cooperating with me and I couldn’t get an accurate calorie burn by wearing it.  I followed the numbers listed in the database.

Already learned I need to move my butt much more and should be hitting at least a minimum of 500 extra calories through exercise daily.  Even if I don’t use all of them up in food, they are there as my cushion.  And most of my food choices were good, but bagels are not such a good choice, especially cooked in butter…Fats were a bit too high today.

I plan on working this app for at least 7 days.  If I like it and get used to logging then I may extend the time frame.  Already learned something new today for sure!

My First 30 Days Up Tomorrow

ChaLEAN Extreme

ChaLEAN Extreme

My first 30 days are up tomorrow and I am anxious to see how I’ve done.  I have been working hard at staying on track with my workout and eating goals, but I am worried that my hard work will not show on the scale.  Or on the measuring tape.  I already did lose a few inches, but the pounds have been so stubborn and I haven’t lost an inch since I started.  I actually gained a pound or two!

My Mat and Handweights

My Mat and Handweights

I will also have my daughter take new pictures of me in the various poses I did for the first set of pictures.  I hate looking at them, but without proof in a picture it is really hard to see progress.  Pictures have always been difficult for me since I don’t feel comfortable with having my picture taken, but perhaps it’s because I know I don’t look my best.  My hair is a mess, my double chin is showing, or I have acne on my chin.  There’s usually something I can find fault with.

But I am so over feeling I have to be perfect in every shot.  I am who I am, take me or leave me.  What you see is what you get.  I am a work in progress and working towards a better me.  Not perfect, but better. (At least take the double chin and acne away…I can deal with a bad hair day!)

Body By Vi Challenge

I finally received my Body By Vi Promoter kit and started with my twice daily shakes.  This is so perfect for me because food prep is still difficult for me while moving about on crutches.  Have you ever tried cooking a meal or chopping up fruit or veggies while standing upright hanging onto the crutches?  Not easy at all.

ViSalus Sweet Cream Shake Mix

ViSalus Sweet Cream Shake Mix

Replacing a meal or two per day with a shake is easy for me.  I still haven’t gotten a complete appetite back yet, so at least I’m getting great nutrition in a yummy shake.  Today I made Strawberry by adding 5 frozen organic strawberries to the Sweet Cream Vi-Shape mix, and then for lunch I made Choco-Peanut Butter with 2 tablespoons each of Ghiradelli cocoa powder and peanut butter along with 2 ice cubes.

My current Body By Vi 90 Day Challengeis to lose 30 pounds.  If I can lose more, then power to me!  But I wanted to set a realistic goal that I could easily reach.  I decided to go with the Promoter status.  This way when people start noticing how excellent I look and feel, and ask me what I’m doing, then I can earn some money if they decide to join the 90 Day Challenge to feel better themselves.

My Challenge and Success Magazines

My Challenge and Success Magazines

I may have to already order extra shake mix since both kids loved the chocolate one I whipped up for them this morning.  And even my daughter, who never eats breakfast, enjoyed her shake on the way to work.  Yeah!

Day 9 and the End of Vacation

I was just thinking people may wonder why I am writing about my vacation in a blog that is supposed to cover my weight loss.  My point is this: the weight loss is a specified time thing, but living healthy and enjoying your family lasts a lifetime.  The vacation was important to me to just relax and kick back and is an integral part of my lifelong goal of living healthfully.

Day 9 was a lazy day yet again and we actually decided to pack up a day early.  There were predicted thunderstorms beginning early Friday morning, and anyone who has ever camped knows there is nothing worse than packing up in the rain.  Yuck!

Packing up the Buggy

Packing up the Buggy

So we were home by late afternoon and just plopped down on the couch too pooped to even unload much.  Plus, the weather and humidity have been brutal.

The expected storms did pass through South County and the weatherman even interrupted Judge Judy to say that potential lightning and tornado watches were in effect for South County.  Not a pleasant day at all.  But we did manage to get the laundry done!  I never knew I owned that many towels and blankets…Everything got washed, but thank goodness my daughter is a fantastic folder.  And she enjoys it!

Most of my beautifully folded laundry.

Most of my beautifully folded laundry.

Weekly Update

I know this is very late for a supposed Monday post, and I truly have no excuse outside of being extremely busy getting ready for vacation.  And finishing a tutoring session of a straight week with a student from France here on summer vacation with an online English course to get completed.  And their lake house is a 45 minute ride away, each way!  (But the pay was excellent!)

So this week is 224.0.  I had a loss of just 0.2 pounds.  Not too pleased with the tiny loss, but will still accept it for what it is, a loss.

I made my mileage this past week, rode the bike a few times, and ate healthy most of the week.  Not too sure if the stress of the upcoming 10 day camping vacation did me in, or perhaps too much coffee in trying to stay awake to get everything done.

The Compound Effect and tracking.

The tracking notebook. Have one in green and yellow.

Trying to follow the Compound Effect advice and just track for 7 days, and I mean track everything!  Every bite, every sip, every taste, and of course every meal.  Darren Hardy claims this is the one free step that every one can make to change an area of their life they want to work on.  And since my healthy eating and exercise are vital to me, the little notebook must stay with me at all times.

No more missing a meal, or a snack.  If I want to change a habit, I need to know where to make those adjustments.  And boy will this be tough on vacation week, but I’ll be honest and do it anyway.  Promise! (I might even show a page or two so I’d better be conscious of what goes into my mouth.)

Weekly Update (But It’s Also a Downdate)

The grand total for this week is 224.2, down 1.6 from last week.  I am quite pleased that I have once again made my goal of 1.5 pounds per week and continue working hard at it.

This week has seen me walking and biking each day.  The Blackstone Valley Bike Path has seen me twice per day on both Monday and Tuesday, in the morning for my walk and back again in the early evening for a 4 mile bike ride.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after the first 4 mile ride, but except for a numb and slightly sore butt for a little while, it actually wasn’t that bad at all.  And riding with the breeze cooling you off just feels so darn good.

This week has seen my slow return to running for the first time in nearly 5 months.  Since the path has half-mile markers to use as a guideline, I have chosen to walk out to the one mile marker and then jog as long as I can until I can run all the way back.  I used the fourth black tar patch, which is even with the start of the fence, as my marker the first day and the second day I went to the same previous spot and jogged another 5 fenceposts past.  This was a total of 48 seconds the second day.

48 seconds may not be much, but as long as it increases each time, then I am making progress.  And I can’t ask for more than that right now.


Weekly Weight Update

Or perhaps this week I will call it a downdate.  Because the scale finally moved in the correct direction.  Not by much, but in the right direction.

The weight this week is 228.0.  So I am down 1.2 from last week but still up a few pounds overall.  But the mind is working on this positive reinforcement and will focus on edging that number down even more next week.

On a disappointing note, I had posted a weekly walking goal of 10 miles and managed to squeak out a bit more than 8.5 miles.  I could use the excuse that it was very hot and humid here in Rhode Island, which it was, but I should have gotten up earlier or walked my neighborhood at night when it was cooler.  No more excuses.

This week’s goal will once again be 10 miles total, and thinking of pumping more air into the bike and taking her out for a whirl.  Let’s see how that goes!

Weekly Weight Update

Maybe I should change the word update because my weight is still creeping up.  This week up to 229.2 and I’ve had it!  My highest weight ever was 232 and I’m almost there.  My lackadaisical approach is getting me nowhere fast! This insanity has to stop and I am taking steps to do just that!

Darren Hardy's The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect

I have begun rereading a book by Darren Hardy called The Compound Effect.  The entire gist of the book is that in order to make changes for a successful and healthy life you need to make small incremental changes that will compound over time into major positive changes for a better you.

My new yellow notebook.

This will make me journal daily, and I’ve decided to blog daily too as I change the small, often unintentional habits that are keeping me overweight and unhappy.  One change at a time and I’ve decided the health and weight are first.  I walked to the local CVS Pharmacy to pick up some small notebooks I can keep in my pocketbook to note everything I eat and drink and exercise.  First in was my coffee and protein smoothie for breakfast and the .98 mile walk to the CVS.  This will be a difficult challenge for me since I have tried this before and then forget a meal, then an entire day and then I find the notebook 3 months later and I have actually slid downhill and gained weight.  The bright yellow notebook has been started and I set a one month goal of losing 10 pounds and tracking everything every day. Totally doable and trackable.

The Compound Effect also suggests I write in my journal, and by my choice in the blog, something I am proud of each day that deals with the habit I am trying to change and improve.  So something I did exercise wise, or a healthy meal, or even something that made me smile.  Not sure what I’ll choose each day, but I will post it each day.  Not sure yet about the schedule though since that is also a habit I am working on!  Also, putting everything out there for others to follow, and comment on, makes it more accountable for me.

Weekly Weight Update

Today’s number is 228.  Yes, once again it is up, not down.  And I am getting ticked off big time.  Sick of it.

I have to get serious.  No more thinking I can eat good foods and not drink enough water and skip meals, and still expect to lose weight.  Not gonna happen.

I have to do something I seriously don’t like doing.  Plan.  Prioritize. Prepare.  I think I’ll call them my 3 Ps.

I must plan out my schedule more strenuously starting this morning.  Like right after I get off this computer and grab my planner.  I have one and need to use the darn thing.  If I plan things get done but when I just let the day ride, then it’s getting dark and I’m thinking, “What have I accomplished today?  Nothing…”

I have to prioritize my time for me.  Of course I will get done everything else that needs getting done each day, but the first one put into the planner is ME.

And prepare.  Ahh, this one kills me.  I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, but that is just getting me bigger pants as my butt gets larger.  I need to prepare planned leftovers, keep healthy fruits and veggies chopped up and in glass covered dishes so I can see what’s lurking in the depths of my fridge.  And shop more frequently to get fresh ingredients instead of buying what looks fresh and yummy once a week and then forgetting about it.  And discovering the decomposed “fresh” veggies rotting in the crisper drawer.  No more…

Posting the weekly number online has caused a shift in my thinking.  I contemplated making up a number and putting it online.  Something reasonable, maybe down a pound or two that I could catch up within a week or so.  Make me look good, like I was doing something.  But that’s cheating and I can’t abide cheats.  I promised to post the weekly number, good or bad, and there it is.  Up 1.4 pounds in 2 weeks because I haven’t shifted my mindset yet.  But those gears are churning now.

Off to plan, prioritize and start the rice steamer.  Brown rice even!

My Weekly Weight Number Crunch

Today was Monday…yeah, weigh-in day.  Even though I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about the number this week, I stepped on the scale anyway.  And it read 227.  Yes, that puts me up 0.4 pounds.

Surprisingly I am not upset at all.  There are female hormones at play at this time every month and I have a tendency to bloat a bit, so the nearly 1/2 pound increase is nothing that is freaking me out.  For now.  But I do need to make up for it with a loss next week.

This week I have set a weekly walking goal of 10 miles minimum and once I figure out how to do it, will enter a box with the weekly mileage goal and my current weight.  I have already logged 2 miles this morning, so only 8 to go with a whole week to do it!

I have decided to use my rather new Adidas running sneakers for my walking shoes because of the cushioning.  I am not running right now, so walking is the next best thing for me.

My Adidas Walking Shoes and Comfy Neon Socks

My Adidas running shoes are now my walking shoes.