Weekly Weight Update

Maybe I should change the word update because my weight is still creeping up.  This week up to 229.2 and I’ve had it!  My highest weight ever was 232 and I’m almost there.  My lackadaisical approach is getting me nowhere fast! This insanity has to stop and I am taking steps to do just that!

Darren Hardy's The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect

I have begun rereading a book by Darren Hardy called The Compound Effect.  The entire gist of the book is that in order to make changes for a successful and healthy life you need to make small incremental changes that will compound over time into major positive changes for a better you.

My new yellow notebook.

This will make me journal daily, and I’ve decided to blog daily too as I change the small, often unintentional habits that are keeping me overweight and unhappy.  One change at a time and I’ve decided the health and weight are first.  I walked to the local CVS Pharmacy to pick up some small notebooks I can keep in my pocketbook to note everything I eat and drink and exercise.  First in was my coffee and protein smoothie for breakfast and the .98 mile walk to the CVS.  This will be a difficult challenge for me since I have tried this before and then forget a meal, then an entire day and then I find the notebook 3 months later and I have actually slid downhill and gained weight.  The bright yellow notebook has been started and I set a one month goal of losing 10 pounds and tracking everything every day. Totally doable and trackable.

The Compound Effect also suggests I write in my journal, and by my choice in the blog, something I am proud of each day that deals with the habit I am trying to change and improve.  So something I did exercise wise, or a healthy meal, or even something that made me smile.  Not sure what I’ll choose each day, but I will post it each day.  Not sure yet about the schedule though since that is also a habit I am working on!  Also, putting everything out there for others to follow, and comment on, makes it more accountable for me.

Weekly Weight Update

Today’s number is 228.  Yes, once again it is up, not down.  And I am getting ticked off big time.  Sick of it.

I have to get serious.  No more thinking I can eat good foods and not drink enough water and skip meals, and still expect to lose weight.  Not gonna happen.

I have to do something I seriously don’t like doing.  Plan.  Prioritize. Prepare.  I think I’ll call them my 3 Ps.

I must plan out my schedule more strenuously starting this morning.  Like right after I get off this computer and grab my planner.  I have one and need to use the darn thing.  If I plan things get done but when I just let the day ride, then it’s getting dark and I’m thinking, “What have I accomplished today?  Nothing…”

I have to prioritize my time for me.  Of course I will get done everything else that needs getting done each day, but the first one put into the planner is ME.

And prepare.  Ahh, this one kills me.  I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, but that is just getting me bigger pants as my butt gets larger.  I need to prepare planned leftovers, keep healthy fruits and veggies chopped up and in glass covered dishes so I can see what’s lurking in the depths of my fridge.  And shop more frequently to get fresh ingredients instead of buying what looks fresh and yummy once a week and then forgetting about it.  And discovering the decomposed “fresh” veggies rotting in the crisper drawer.  No more…

Posting the weekly number online has caused a shift in my thinking.  I contemplated making up a number and putting it online.  Something reasonable, maybe down a pound or two that I could catch up within a week or so.  Make me look good, like I was doing something.  But that’s cheating and I can’t abide cheats.  I promised to post the weekly number, good or bad, and there it is.  Up 1.4 pounds in 2 weeks because I haven’t shifted my mindset yet.  But those gears are churning now.

Off to plan, prioritize and start the rice steamer.  Brown rice even!

My Weekly Weight Number Crunch

Today was Monday…yeah, weigh-in day.  Even though I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about the number this week, I stepped on the scale anyway.  And it read 227.  Yes, that puts me up 0.4 pounds.

Surprisingly I am not upset at all.  There are female hormones at play at this time every month and I have a tendency to bloat a bit, so the nearly 1/2 pound increase is nothing that is freaking me out.  For now.  But I do need to make up for it with a loss next week.

This week I have set a weekly walking goal of 10 miles minimum and once I figure out how to do it, will enter a box with the weekly mileage goal and my current weight.  I have already logged 2 miles this morning, so only 8 to go with a whole week to do it!

I have decided to use my rather new Adidas running sneakers for my walking shoes because of the cushioning.  I am not running right now, so walking is the next best thing for me.

My Adidas Walking Shoes and Comfy Neon Socks

My Adidas running shoes are now my walking shoes.

Sleep is Overrated…

Whoever came up with that phrase obviously slept like a log and probably snored so loud everyone else was kept up all night.  Sleep is definitely not overrated and has been shown to be an important part in the weight loss battle.

Jasper doing what he does best. Sleeping!

While you sleep your body rejuvenates itself for the next day.  While just catching more zzzzz may not provide you with a slimmer body in the morning, getting enough sleep  allows your body’s internal mechanisms the time to properly do their job.  Two major hormones, ghrelin and leptin play a major role here. Click here for more detailed info on these hormones.

Ghrelin is the hormone that tells you when you’re hungry and leptin lets you know when you’ve had enough.  Folks that have practiced poor eating habits for years are already in trouble because these 2 hormones are not working properly in their bodies.  People stopped listening to the hormones’ messages of “Time to eat ‘cuz I’m actually starving,” and “Whoa, we’ve had enough now and I don’t want to be stuffed.” You need to totally change your eating habits, and quantities, to allow yourself to relearn the feelings of true hunger and satiation.

Sleep issues mess with the ghrelin and leptin, since this is when they’re manufactured in your body.  Too much ghrelin and too little leptin screws with your mind and body leading to overeating.  Eating when we’re not actually hungry or needing nourishment, and then not knowing when to stop until it’s too late is a double whammy.  And that’s when we pay the price.

Also, the simple fact that you’re tired messes with your motivation to exercise, eat healthy, and just gives you that overall yucky feeling for the day.

I have been experiencing sleep issues and have decided to take several measures to correct that.  Here are my top problems:

1. Going to bed too late.  I need to come up with a schedule that is consistent and routine for me.  There’ll always be those late nights here and there, but I’m currently not ready to go to bed until after midnight and that doesn’t bode well for getting up by 7:00 to get my son prepared for school.

2. Drinking too much coffee.  This is an easy one to fix.  I hereby promise to stop all caffeine intake by 6:00 pm.  If that still causes problems then I will scale it back even earlier or move to decaf coffee if I really want the pleasure of sipping a warm coffee.  Or I guess I could try herbal tea, but somehow not the same.

3. Too much light in my room.  I need to purchase some of those room darkening shades and get them installed, on all 4 windows!  This one plays into the next issue.

4. Noisy street just outside my windows.  I live on a main road and unfortunately have a bar slightly down the street from me.  Calling the local police when the natives get too loud and restless (because they have to smoke outside) has recently trimmed the decibels down a bit.  I can’t prevent the loud trucks, cars, and especially motorcycles that love to scream up or down the hill, but I am thinking of investing in one of those white noise machines.  Has anyone had success with them?

5. Mattress not comfortable to me.  This mattress is not old and is a Sealy Posturpedic.  I will give it some time and implement the other sleep cures before I think about investing a small fortune for a new box spring and mattress.  Perhaps I can sell a kidney to get one…

If anyone has other suggestions, I am certainly willing to hear them please!

I am also diligently working on the schedule thingy, but it is proving difficult.  They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, but I am not sure who They are and I’m having problems following a strict schedule for just one day!  That’s another post for sure.

Rationalized Excuses

I just had a thought that flashed very quickly across my mind this morning as I ran briefly across the parking lot to buy a coffee.  And this thought has stayed with me since. The drive through line crosses in front of the walkway to the entrance and I hurried because a car was trying to get up to the speaker to place their order.  And I felt so self-conscious about running.

It was just about 5 or 6 feet, but I realized I had thought about my appearance and my body shape several times in the space of less than 60 seconds.  I got out of the car and tugged my shirt down over my belly and adjusted my sweatshirt to cover more.  Then I walked slowly across the lot, until my brief trot, which then of course made me realize everything was probably jiggling away as I moved.

This is just more motivation for me to reshape my figure.  As I drove home with my coffee I started thinking of some of the excuses I use myself to rationalize my extra padding.

*I’m healthy and can actually exercise – yes, but for how long will this last if I don’t change things?

*I am considered attractive by others and am not that bad… – but I don’t feel attractive to myself most of the time.

*I can still buy clothes in some regular stores – but that is happening less and less and I usually just head to the plus sizes.

*There’s plenty of people bigger than me – this one is the worst and I use it all the time.  It’s sort of a joke with us (this includes my daughter and my sister) when we go to the beach.  We look for someone even bigger than us and then somehow feel that my size is justified.  It is definitely not.

These are just poor excuses for warped rationalization.  I am working on accepting these as actual thoughts I often have and changing them to the reality of what they truly mean to my health and more especially, my own feelings of self-worth.  Because If I don’t love myself, then how can I share my love with others?  It’s a vicious circle, but one I am working diligently on.

This weight loss/exercise thing is more of a mind game than many people realize.  Our minds are fascinating machines and mine is constantly being reprogrammed with the correct and true thought processes to allow me to reach my goals.