General Updates

Today is the first follow-up visit to the orthopedic doctor that works at the hospital where my surgery took place.

And I received my first set of hospital bills today.  I am pleased to say I overestimated my total costs at around $100K but it came to a paltry $26K.  No problem.  Let me just run to the bank and take that out of my nearly empty bank account.  I can be sure than when all the physical therapy is completed the total will be closer to my guesstimation.

My leg after 2 weeks in a cast.

My leg after 2 weeks in a cast. (notice the writing to make sure they operated on the right one, which was the right one.)

Stitches came out and this is actually the first time I saw the incisions in both sides of my ankle.  Not pretty at all, but somehow not as nasty as I had imagined.  Once they all looked me over, they recasted me in a fiberglass cast and once again the foot and lower leg were immobilized.

I am going to remove the weight and mileage counters on the front page of the blog.  You can be sure I will replace them once I am physically able to walk, and then run, again.  I am not sure where my weight is because my scale requires me to stand with both feet on the surface.  My appetite has been rather low, but my calorie expenditure has also been low.  Looking to start moving more soon and becoming a participant in my own life once again.

My dog checking out the new and improved cast.

My dog checking out the new and improved cast.


Weekly Update (But It’s Also a Downdate)

The grand total for this week is 224.2, down 1.6 from last week.  I am quite pleased that I have once again made my goal of 1.5 pounds per week and continue working hard at it.

This week has seen me walking and biking each day.  The Blackstone Valley Bike Path has seen me twice per day on both Monday and Tuesday, in the morning for my walk and back again in the early evening for a 4 mile bike ride.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after the first 4 mile ride, but except for a numb and slightly sore butt for a little while, it actually wasn’t that bad at all.  And riding with the breeze cooling you off just feels so darn good.

This week has seen my slow return to running for the first time in nearly 5 months.  Since the path has half-mile markers to use as a guideline, I have chosen to walk out to the one mile marker and then jog as long as I can until I can run all the way back.  I used the fourth black tar patch, which is even with the start of the fence, as my marker the first day and the second day I went to the same previous spot and jogged another 5 fenceposts past.  This was a total of 48 seconds the second day.

48 seconds may not be much, but as long as it increases each time, then I am making progress.  And I can’t ask for more than that right now.


Weekly Weight Update

I think I may have the swing of this yet!  I am down a total of 2.2 pounds this week for a weight of 225.8.  Still just 0.8 pounds lost overall, but it is a good move in the right direction and with a few more hard-working sweaty weeks, I may just catch up with my desired rate of losing of 1.5 pounds per week.

The walking goal for Week 2 was 10 miles and I made that with a bit to spare with a total for the week of 10.74 miles.  It is time to increase it a bit because I am gearing up to run again soon, so Week 3 goal is 10.5 miles and I already have more than a mile and half logged this morning.

The feet are still just a wee bit itchy when I walk, but soaking in the salt water yesterday helped dry up the red bumps and they are now scabbed over.  Hope they heal soon.  Don’t particularly like scabby feet.  Ewwww!

Still humid here this week, so early walking and some walking after dark are in order. Perhaps I will plan my evening walk with my friend and we can discuss our goals for creating healthier lives for both of us, exercise and relationship included.

Weekly Weight Update

Today’s number is 228.  Yes, once again it is up, not down.  And I am getting ticked off big time.  Sick of it.

I have to get serious.  No more thinking I can eat good foods and not drink enough water and skip meals, and still expect to lose weight.  Not gonna happen.

I have to do something I seriously don’t like doing.  Plan.  Prioritize. Prepare.  I think I’ll call them my 3 Ps.

I must plan out my schedule more strenuously starting this morning.  Like right after I get off this computer and grab my planner.  I have one and need to use the darn thing.  If I plan things get done but when I just let the day ride, then it’s getting dark and I’m thinking, “What have I accomplished today?  Nothing…”

I have to prioritize my time for me.  Of course I will get done everything else that needs getting done each day, but the first one put into the planner is ME.

And prepare.  Ahh, this one kills me.  I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, but that is just getting me bigger pants as my butt gets larger.  I need to prepare planned leftovers, keep healthy fruits and veggies chopped up and in glass covered dishes so I can see what’s lurking in the depths of my fridge.  And shop more frequently to get fresh ingredients instead of buying what looks fresh and yummy once a week and then forgetting about it.  And discovering the decomposed “fresh” veggies rotting in the crisper drawer.  No more…

Posting the weekly number online has caused a shift in my thinking.  I contemplated making up a number and putting it online.  Something reasonable, maybe down a pound or two that I could catch up within a week or so.  Make me look good, like I was doing something.  But that’s cheating and I can’t abide cheats.  I promised to post the weekly number, good or bad, and there it is.  Up 1.4 pounds in 2 weeks because I haven’t shifted my mindset yet.  But those gears are churning now.

Off to plan, prioritize and start the rice steamer.  Brown rice even!

It’s Just a Number

My current weight is 226.6.

There. I said it, or at least typed it.  And somehow it makes the actual number all that more real for me.  I don’t mention my weight to anyone and this is even the first time I have written it out in the blog.  But maybe tracking it online where others may see it will hold me a bit more accountable.

I simply can’t stand it when someone says, “It’s just a number.  You should concentrate instead on how your pants feel, or how you feel in general.”

I feel like crap, my pants are tight and that number does matter to me.

I have been too complacent and comfortable at my slowly increasing weight and am just tired of it.  I haven’t had one of those aha! moments where everything changes and I am a committed fat-burning machine, but too many things are adding up and affecting my quality of life.  And my life is important to me and my family.

So my plan is to update the weight each Monday with a planned loss of 1-2 pounds per week.  I truly don’t care how long it takes.  This is a process and I have to learn how to do things right, in the best way for me and my life.  It’s a journey, not a sprint. and I’m gathering my supplies for the journey of a lifetime.