All About Me!

Not sure why anyone would be interested, but here goes!

I am almost 47 (birthday in January) and have battled my weight most of my adult life.  At times I have dealt with it but then the issue of my weight rears its ugly head and annoys me enough to do something about it.  This time is the last time I am dealing with the problem and fixing it once and for all.

My youngest son Alex.

I am currently single, but dating with some difficulties at times, and have 3 children.  My oldest 2, a son and daughter, are in their 20’s and my youngest is 11 and in 6th grade in a local charter school.  He is an amazing child in so many ways and everyone loves him, especially me!

I want to improve my health and attitude towards life so I can spend as much of it with my children as I can.  I am not a runner, or much of an exerciser at all, other than the occasional walk.  But this has changed and I am now calling myself a runner.  I a total newbie, but time will increase my strength, my stamina and my skill as I shed the pounds, the outdated mindset and burdening guilt I have felt for years while carrying the extra weight.

The time is now for me and I am “running” with it!

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